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Growing a chair

Green Island-based Ecovative is one of the Capital Region's most interesting companies. For the past decade it's been developing ways of using mycelium -- mushroom roots -- to "grow" all sorts of materials that can replace things like styrofoam or leather. In the clip embedded above, the company shows an... (read the rest)

Ecovative's mushroom root tech is now being used to make (not) leather

This is wild: Ecovative has partnered with a company in California to use its mushroom root tech to make a material that looks remarkably like leather. That company -- Bolt Threads -- now has a Kickstarter for the first consumer product (tote bags) made with the not-leather, which it's calling... (read the rest)

Mushroom leather

The latest product to grow (literally and figuratively) out of Troy/Green Island-based Ecovative: a "leather" made from mushroom mycelium. As Chelsea Diana reports, Ecovative has teamed up with a California company to turn the material into apparel products. [Biz Review]... (read the rest)

Schenectady County tops per capita crime rate list, Peerless Pool to close season early, Maccabi Games in town for the week

Schenectady crime Schenectady County had the highest per capita rate of serious crimes in the state in 2016 among counties, based on figures from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services -- though the crime rate in the county has declined 16 percent over the last five years. (The crimes... (read the rest)

Cuomo says he'll sue over Federal challenge to SAFE Act, Stefanik faces two new challengers, medical marijuana facility slated for Glenville

Cuomo will sue to protect SAFE Act Representative Chris Collins, a longtime opponent of the NY SAFE Act, has introduced a Federal bill that would limit a state's authority to regulate gun sales -- which, if passed, would override the act. Andrew Cuomo announced he would sue to block any... (read the rest)

Special session underway, Schenectady man charged in multi-state prostitution ring, rare Colonial ledger found on eBay, it's Uber Day

Special session After hours of what was described as dysfunction, the Assembly passed legislation that would, among other things, ensure mayoral control of NYC schools for two years, and extend sales taxes that are vital to the financial health of more than 50 counties. The Assembly also passed legislation that... (read the rest)

Grow light

Something different for your desk: The Green Island-based mushroom-material company Ecovative now has a grow-it-yourself lamp kit. It comes with a stand for the lamp, the electrical components, mushroom material, and a form for growing the lamp shade. It's $85 and available online. (And apparently it works if even you... (read the rest)

Ian Frazier at Saratoga Springs Public Library

Journalist Ian Frazier will be at the Saratoga Springs Public Library March 15 as the capstone event for the Saratoga Reads season. Free tickets will be available starting this Wednesday, March 1. Event blurbage: Reporter, Thurber-Prize-winning humorist, and The New Yorker staff writer, Ian Frazier joins us to cap off... (read the rest)

Continued reaction to Trump immigration order, Cuomo pushes to put abortion rights into state constitution, Ecovative caught in EPA grant freeze

Continued reaction to Trump immigration order + After saying he needed to learn more about the order over the weekend, local Republican Congressman called the Trump administration's immigration order "neither well-drafted nor well-implemented" on Monday. [TU] + Local Democratic Congressman Paul Tonko backed Democrat-drafted legislation in the House that would... (read the rest)

Grow-it-yourself ornaments

Most people probably have at least a few homemade holiday ornaments. But how about home-grown ornaments. Ecovate -- the Green Island-based company -- is selling a grow-it-yourself kit for growing holiday ornaments out of the company's mushroom material. "Six plastic ornaments filled with mushrooms that you grow yourself. You rehydrate... (read the rest)

370 square feet in Altamont, to go

Somewhere along the line tiny homes became A Thing.* They're all over the internet now. And it seems like there are at least three or four shows about them on HGTV and similar channels. So, of course, there's a site called Tiny House Listings. And there you'll find a listing... (read the rest)


Ecovative gets a mention in this Wall Street Journal article today about how manufacturers that serve the domestic market are doing better than those that rely more on international business. The Green Island company says it's running the factory that makes/grows its eco-friendly styrofoam replacement materials 16 hours a day,... (read the rest)

Mushroom factory

Over at Ecovative's blog there's a peek inside the company's year-old manufacturing facility in Lansingburgh, including some of the machinery Ecovative uses to turn out the packaging and building materials it "grows" from mushrooms and agricultural leftovers. (The company's headquarters are still across the river in Green Island.)... (read the rest)


You might have heard of the latest company interested in using Ecovative's packaging material grown from mushroom roots -- it's a reasonably large furniture concern out of Sweden called IKEA. (Ecovative co-founder Eben Bayer told the Biz Review he can't comment directly, but said that Telegraph article is correct.) [Telegraph... (read the rest)

Myco Board

Over at the Biz Review, Chelsea Diana checks in with Ecovative -- the Green Island-based company that "grows" environmentally-friendly materials using mushrooms is now focusing on the building and architecture industries with a product intended to replace plywood and particleboard. [Biz Review]... (read the rest)

Mushroom drone

Unusual application of the foam-like material grown by Green Island-based Ecovative Design: biodegradable drones. The idea is that the drones could be used for scientific research in sensitive environments and crashed devices would have minimal environmental impact. [Washington Post] [PopSci] [Discover]... (read the rest)

Water flowing again on Normanskill, more adjunct instructors unionizing, criticism of Albany codes office situation

Normanskill landslide Water is flowing again past the Normanskill blockage caused by a landslide Sunday/Monday. Crews used pumps to keep the water level down above the blockage while a new trench was dug to divert the water. [TU] [Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Twitter x2] Herman Robinson trial Herman Robinson's... (read the rest)

The week ahead

Here are a few things to keep in mind, look forward to, or keep busy with this week, from the weather (April showers), to wrestling, to Lebowski, to Hamlet, to the machine, to gardening, to music...... (read the rest)

Heastie set to be next Assembly speaker, Cuomo says no budget without ethics reform, Hello Kitty's alleged secret message, Ecovative opening factory in Troy

Sheldon Silver was set to resign the state Assembly speakership just before midnight Monday night. And Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie is set to be elected to the new speaker Tuesday morning. (Comments from a handful of Capital Region Assembly members.) The speaker vote had been scheduled for February 10, but... (read the rest)

Blake Lively, James Harden, Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre

Ecovative co-founders Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre have a spot on this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 list for manufacturing and industry. (Yep, that's Bayer's photo next to that of Blake Lively on the feature's landing page.) The blurbage includes some short videos of the two RPI grads talking about... (read the rest)

Surveying the Capital Region's creative economy

The Regional Alliance for a Creative Economy -- a local multi-org effort studying how to spur creative industries in the Capital Region -- released its report on the local creative economy today at Proctors. And -- spoilers -- it found that are many people involved in creative jobs. The report... (read the rest)

Ecovative GIY

Ecovative -- the Green Island company growing polystyrene-replacement products from mushrooms -- says it will soon be offering the material for people to grow their own structures. Blurbage: The "Grow It Yourself" (GIY) product enables designers, artists, educators, and innovators to grow their own creations with Mushroom® Materials, just like... (read the rest)

Growing a building, brick by brick

Like spreading mycelia, Ecovative's presence branches out: The Green Island-based company's "grown" building material will be used to make bricks, and those bricks will be used this summer for structures at MoMA's PS 1 facility in Queens. It's a collaboration with the architecture firm The Living. From a MoMA press... (read the rest)

State on track to spend $600 Million in overtime, charges expected to be dropped against alleged rapist today, secretary to three Albany mayors to retire at 89

Andrew Cuomo's office is not pleased with a recent report that shows state workers have logged about $462 million in overtime this year and that the state is on track to spend $600 million in overtime by the end of the year. The State Division of Budget says the report... (read the rest)

Work Week: Capital Region entrepreneurs on what they wish they'd known at the start

It's Work Week on AOA, which is pretty much what it sounds like -- we're talking with people about their jobs and working. Starting something new -- making your own job -- is hard. Especially if it requires leaving a steady paycheck, an eight-hour workday and weekends off (though there... (read the rest)

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