Cuomo says he'll sue over Federal challenge to SAFE Act, Stefanik faces two new challengers, medical marijuana facility slated for Glenville

Cuomo will sue to protect SAFE Act
Representative Chris Collins, a longtime opponent of the NY SAFE Act, has introduced a Federal bill that would limit a state's authority to regulate gun sales -- which, if passed, would override the act. Andrew Cuomo announced he would sue to block any federal efforts to override the act, saying "the state has rights too." [TU][TWCN]

Elise Stefanik will face two more challengers in the race for the 21st Congressional District seat 00 one from the right and another from the left. If you're keeping score, that makes six people who have announced an intention to challenge Stefanik -- five Democrats and one Republican. [TU]

Meanwhile, Stefanik was in Saratoga County on Tuesday where she toured a shelter for homeless veterans and heard concerns from vets on health care and other assistance issues.[Saratogian]

19 arrests at Stephentown music festival
Police arrested 19 people on drug charges and confiscated
cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, doses of LSD, Ketamine, MDMA pills, marijuana, prescription pills and gummy candies and lollipops laced with drugs
. [Record][TU]

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Medical Marijuana in Glenville
Fiorello Pharmaceuticals will build a medical marijuana growing and dispensing facility in Glenville, and four more facilities in other parts of New York. [Gazette]

Dog day care fire
Investigators in Clifton Park continue to search for the cause of a fire that destroyed the Camp Bow Wow dog day care business on Route 9 before it had a chance to open. [Gazette][TU]

Federal charges in Schenectady arson
A Scotia man was indicted on arson charges by a federal grand jury last week in connection with the 2012 fire that destroyed a Union Street building.[TU]

Man charged with sending grenade to county courthouse
A man with a long history of arrests allegedly sent a grenade addressed to a judge, who had previously sentenced him to jail, at the Warren County courthouse. [WNYT]

Shared services plan
A proposed shared services plan could save Albany County communities at least $6.8 million [TU]

Mont Pleasant library
Schenectady County will spend more than $2.3 million for a new community library in Mont Pleasant, on the site of the former Chubby's pizza -- a hotbed of crime in the city. [Daily Gazette]

Teen boy survives 25 foot fall in Washington County
A 13-year old boy survived a 25 foot fall while hiking near Shelving Rock Falls in Fort Ann last week. [TU]

Alleged KKK fliers in Gloversville
Anti drug fliers found on cars and in homes in Gloversville, purportedly came from the Ku Klux Klan. [Gazette]

The State Health Department took water samples in Mechanicville on Tuesday, where here have been reports of brown water over the last several weeks. [WNYT]

Horse death
Another horse died at Saratoga Racecourse on Monday. Brooklyn Major collapsed on Monday, bringing the total number of equine deaths to five in the first ten days of the Saratoga meet. [WNYT]

Ecovative layoffs
Green Island startup Ecovative Design,which makes building and packing materials from mushrooms, has announced a layoff of 18 people. Founder Evan Bayer says it's because the projects went away, and says the company plans to continue manufacturing. [TU]

Giant generator
An eight million pounds generator assembled near the Port of Coeymans, began a trip down the Hudson this week to a New Jersey power plant. [TU]

Phish fans donate to Albany City Schools
A non-profit foundation created by Phish fans has donated $1,500 to the Albany City School music programs. [TU]

Governor's aide, gangster's brother
Steve Villano, one time aide to Mario Cuomo and brother to a bag man under mob boss John Gotti, shares his story of conflicting allegiance in a new book. [TU]

Ellis thrift shop to close
After 31 years, Ellis Hospital will soon lose its thrift shop, Elite Repeat Boutique.[Gazette]

Stuff going on today

Sunshine Fair
Today-Saturday: The Schoharie County Sunshine Fair continues at the fairgrounds in Cobleskill. Monday-Saturday various times -- $15 / free for children 2 and under / includes admission and rides, some concerts are extra

Capital Rep
Today-Sunday: Capital Rep continues its production of Mamma Mia!. Tuesday-Sunday various times -- $20 and up

The Williamstown Theatre Festival continues the production of Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow. And this week it opens A Legendary Romance>. Tuesday-Sunday various times - various prices

Summer in the City
Wednesday: The Summer in the City series of family movies at The Palace is showing Matilda. Wednesday 1 pm -- free

Troy Summer Square
Wednesday-Saturday: The Troy Summer Square public art series continues at Monument Square with nights that include a creative freelancer event, painting, dance, everyday experts, and a picnic.

Philadelphia Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra returns to SPAC for another summer stay. This week's schedule:
+ Wednesday: Opening night, Russia Festival and the 1812 Overture.
Wednesday-Saturday 8 pm -- $40 and up

Free summer concert series

Rockin' on the River
The Rockin' on the River series in Troy's Riverfront Park has Sirsy with Sly Fox and The Hustlers. Wednesday 5 pm -- free admission

Made in the Shade
The Made in the Shade series of lunchtime shows outside The Egg has Incendio. Wednesday at noon -- free admission


Beach Slang at The Hollow
Pop punk. 8:30 pm -- $15 ahead / $17 day of
Hamell on Trial at The Low Beat
Every Wednesday in August. 7 pm


I have no problem with people taking hallucinogens at music festivals. I also think the police are exacerbating the problems relating to drug abuse and that arrests like these are doing nothing to stifle the opioid epidemic. The sooner Cannibus, MDMA, and various hallucinogens are taken off Schedule I the better.

The drugs confiscated were illegal. When they're no longer illegal they will no longer be confiscated. In the meantime as long as you take your hallucinogens in the comfort of your own home I bet law enforcement has no problem with that. But once you bring them into the public sphere where the public can be put in danger by the actions of those people under the influence, that's the problem.

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