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The frozen Hudson River from above

As part of its monitoring of Hudson River ice during the winter the US Coast Guard posts reports about river ice conditions online. We like to check in on these reports now and then because every week or so they include aerial photos of the frozen river. Here's the latest... (read the rest)

Winter on the Hudson, a long time ago

We got a question today from a reader who, curious because of this winter's deep freeze, wanted to know if there are any officially sanctioned places or events for safely walking across the frozen Hudson River. After a bit of research and asking around, we arrived at the same conclusion... (read the rest)

Ass Backwards closer to release?

Ass Backwards -- AKA Sister Spirit, AKA that movie that shot in Center Square and other parts of the Capital Region during summer 2010 -- was sold this week to a distributor, and IMBD has it listed for a 2012 release (with no specific date). [Media Mikes] [Variety] Production on... (read the rest)

Film Columbia 2011

FilmColumbia -- the annual film festival in Chatham -- has become very popular. So popular that the all-films pass for this year's festival, which starts next week, already sold out. But tickets are still available for most of the individual film screenings and events. As in year's past, this year's... (read the rest)

An eagle-eyed walk on Peebles Island

I'm going to tell you a story about something that didn't happen. But that doesn't mean the story is a sad one. Peebles Island State Park is one of my favorite Underappreciated Places of the Capital Region. The island, which sits where the Mohawk and Hudson rivers meet, is easy... (read the rest)

A chat with the producer of the mysterious Albany movie

OK, so as it turns out, the current working title of the movie currently filming in Albany is, in fact Sister Spirit -- though you'll have more luck finding info online searching for Ass Backwards, the original title. Molly Conners, a Capital District native is one of the producers of... (read the rest)

Stuff to do this weekend

And the winner is... Yeah, we won't know until Sunday. If the anticipation is killing you (or, you know--not) here are our picks for things you could do to take your mind off it all until Sunday night. Did we miss something good? Let us know!... (read the rest)

The nomination is the honor, right?

Nate Silver -- the electoral predictions savant of the moment -- has turned his regression analysis on the Oscars. Among the projections: Melissa Leo has a "0.0%" chance of winning the Oscar for lead actress in Frozen River. (More stuff about Frozen River, which was directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt.)... (read the rest)

Frozen River out on DVD

Frozen River, the Oscar-nominted film written and directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt, was released on DVD this week. Netflix has Frozen River currently tagged as a "long wait" disc. Blockbuster's site indicates the film is available at what looks like all of its local stores (alas, no permalink). And Hollywood... (read the rest)

Two nominations for Frozen River

Yes, the nominations were announced this morning--and yes, Frozen River picked up two. Chatham's Courtney Hunt got an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay and Melissa Leo scored a best actress nomination. The film was shot in Plattsburgh and Hunt and Leo have been collecting awards, nominations and critical accolades... (read the rest)

More honors for Frozen River

Frozen River, the film directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt, was nominated in a bunch of categories for this year's Spirit Awards (kind of like the Oscars for independent film). It picked up nominations for best feature, best director, best first screenplay, best female lead (Melissa Leo), best supporting female (Misty... (read the rest)

Frozen River at the Spectrum

Here's yet another thing to do this weekend. If Hurricane Hannah ends up dumping a bunch of rain on, you might think about swinging by the Spectrum to catch Frozen River. The indie film, directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt, won the Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Festival and... (read the rest)

Frozen River

Here's a little more about "Frozen River," the film written and directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt (and shot in Plattsburgh) that won the Grand Jury Prize this past weekend at Sundance. From the festival's site: Two days before Christmas in rural upstate New York, Ray Eddy's husband has left her... (read the rest)

Stolen state artifacts on EBay, local film wins at Sundance, Thruway Authority scolded, the oldest house in Saratoga

An employee from the state department of education has been arrested on the accusation that she stole hundreds of artifacts from then New York State Cultural Education Center -- and then sold them on EBay. [CBS6] "Frozen River," a film written and directed by Chatham's Courtney Hunt -- and shot... (read the rest)

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