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So a lot has been said about the goings-on at our state capitol in the last two weeks, and we too have been moved to ask the question posed by John Hancock in the film "1776" "What in hell goes on in New York!" But former Daily News gossip columnist and New York Magazine contributor Lloyd Grove may have gone a little too far. On CNN's, "Reliable Sources" this week, Grove referred to an Albany culture of, "sexual libertinism in which not only lobbyists and legislators and interns, but also reporters participate." Then he added, " What else are you going to do in Albany late at night?" Hey Lloyd, we have movie theaters you know! So here it is, AOA's five things to do at night in Albany instead of running around like it's upstate's answer to Sodom and Gomorrah.

1. Movies at The Spectrum. They even have bargain night on Tuesday.

2. How about a nice brisk walk around the Empire Plaza?

3. Hey, we've got roller derby!

4. There's cable here too you know. Digital even.

5. Don't you guys have some work to do on the budget?

These are just five off the top of our heads. Got some better ideas? Post a comment.


Siena Basketball? UAlbany lacrosse? RiverRats hockey? Myriad shows and events at the Palace, Proctors, Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, the Egg, or Times Union Center?

Albany is a vibrant community with a rich tradition of volunteerism as well. Perhaps some of these "libertine" types could donate a couple hours to the Capital City Rescue Mission to pack clothing at Blessingdales or serve meals to those in need. Perhaps they could support the arts by taking in a show - or sponsoring a group from a community center like Girls Inc. or the Boys and Girls Clubs so kids who might otherwise never get to see a professional performance would get a chance.

Albany is also a sporty kind of town. It seems there is always something going on - hockey, basketball, lacrosse, baseball at the Joe, college football, even exciting high school games across the region.

Anyway who can't find "wholesome" entertainment in Albany isn't trying very hard. If there is one thing I fault our fine city for it is being a little too family friendly - and politically that seems to be a very good thing these days!

Why even acknowledge the Lloyd Groves of the world. He's almost as bad as Frederic Dicker.

Wait. No one's nearly as bad as Frederic Dicker.

Come on guys... advertise a list of five things to do around Albany at night and you can only come up with three? (Sorry, I'm not counting "watch television" as a reason for people to come here.) You can do better than this!

Ha! It's true, we've got a long list of reasons people should visit Albany. History, food, arts, food, shopping, food. We're picking up more reasons to come here every week. But right now we're just looking for a few ways to keep the legislature out of trouble. TV seemed like a harmless diversion. Hey gang, NO SPICE CHANNEL.


Oh, I know, I was just giving you a hard time. Overall I think you guys are doing a great job on the site... keep up the good work!

As for the legislature, well, hopefully the upcoming spring and summer weather will get them out of smoky back rooms and into long walks along the Hudson.

Barbara mentioned volunteering, I recently discovered a searchable database of opportunities at

Some of the available opportunities are ones I never would have thought of, like raising seeing eye dogs (they don't get their training until 16 months, so they need a good home until then) to snowblowing for elderly homeowners. It's interesting just to poke around and see what's out there.

5 I can think up are:

1) Doing one of the Friday art nights in Albany, Troy or Schenectady - I thought they'd be kind of boring, but some of the galleries are really energetic!

2) An evening at Lark Tavern. Happy hour til 7:30, and fair drink prices after that. Oh, okay, and maybe some food.

3) Join a club. There's a ton with late night activities from artsy to social.

4) Live music/Trivia night. Doesn't almost every bar around here have one night of the week dedicated to one or the other?

5) Strip clubs! And most of them serve food, too!

LOL! You know, this is the only other place on the web or IRL that I've seen someone ELSE mention that scene in "1776" about the NY legislature! Kudos, folks!

And yeah... apparently that budget thing/doing their job/making NY live up to its "Empire State" moniker again kind of goes by the wayside when the legislature's busy blaming the city of Albany for banging interns instead of crunching numbers. Cruise Lark and Pearl Streets on your off hours, guys. Go to Guilderland/Colonie if it's big box shopping you're into. Oh, and if you want to see where your bailout packages are being blown, check out how NYRA's running the track up in 'Toga. Money laundering felons FTW!

all there is to do is get high get drunk party go club and bar hopping...i hear gun shots almost every night and i just got done watching the news alittle while ago and a little girl got shot and killed by a stray bullet tonight...theres more to albany then just the goverment buildings, hudson river, stupid theaters and sports

"Not for nothin"
but the music sene has be spectacular since I've been back in Albany, over the past 3 years. As one of the local musicians, I think more people should go out and celebrate the arts. I see so many flyers and posters promoting some of the best talent in coffee shops and pizza shops; even BEN AND JERRYS!!! After all the work is done , we all need good live music. It's a staple in american culture too.

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