The Trader Joe's campaign rolls on

we want trader joe's yard sign

Is it possible WWTJ is better organized than the McCain campaign?

We'd heard about these yard signs, but almost didn't believe it until we saw this one planted in the grassy median at the corner of Manning and New Scotland in Albany.

If the mysterious Trader Joe's ever does land in the Capital Region, Bruce Roter is gonna have to turn that campaign infrastructure toward something else. Like the Senate. Or maybe the White House. We hear the Democrats are having some trouble settling on a candidate.


Will this guy's life mission be achieved if Trader Joes does locate a store here? I can see it now... they build the store, he goes in and shops and then drops dead from pure satisfaction.

My question is, in this time of internet shopping, what does Trader Joes have that you can't get locally or online?

As I'm writing this I am having my Trader Joe's breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with dried wild blueberries and sliced raw almonds. And I had to drive two hours from here to get the ingredients! I need my Trader Joe's!

I'm a transplant from California and was lucky enough to have a Trader Joes in our neighborhood. I still shop there whenever my plans take me anywhere near a Trader Joes (typically MA or down State). I don't take ANY trip without checking to see if there is a Trader Joes nearby. I've been known to carry their peach salsa in my luggage! They have great products at very fair prices. They have many items that are not currently available at any market in the Capital District, or if they are available, TJ's offers them at MUCH lower prices. I welcome their entry into this area. I actually enjoy shopping when it is done at a Trader Joes (except for the one in Manhattan; that place is just crazy crowded). I for one am waiting anxiously for their arrivial.

Thanks AOA,

All I would add is that:



Bruce Roter

I live in central NY, about 2 1/2 hours from Albany and would gladly drive the distance just to shop at Trader Joe's. When I travel, be it California, Michigan, Maryland, DC, Massachusetts and Connecticut.....I also look for a Trader Joe's and travel home with my purchases. The price, selection and quality of their items keep me coming back.

Where can I get one of those great signs???

To answer the previous question:
I thoroughly enjoy the shopping experience at Trader Joe's ~ their food is inexpensive, the quality is great, the coffe is delicious, and their unique selection of items is amazing! Plus, all the TJ staff are helpful and friendly!

Like others, each of my vacations to other regions includes checking out if there is a Trader Joe's to visit.

TJ's has superior products at reasonable prices. Their wide selection of coffees are divine, there are great cheese choices, and interesting products you can't buy in local chain stores, like mushroom broth and artichoke ravioli. YUM!

I used to think I could get Trader Joe's-like fare at the co-op or on line, but I can't. I have yet to find frozen gyoza or shumai that rivals TJ's - I eat these two items by the bucket. I have colleagues who travel frequently to western MA and NJ, and I have them trained to stop by my office to get my list. I carry a TJ's cooler bag in my car and Google locations every time I cross the state line. It's scary that we can have the biggest Wal-Mart grocery store extravaganza nightmare, into which I will never step foot, but we can't have a TJ's. The capital of the Empire State...something's gotta give.

The person who drove 2 hours (!) for the makings for her "Trader Joe" breakfast of steel-cut oats, dried blueberries, and sliced, all those items can be found in the bulk aisle of the Honest Weight Food Coop on Central Ave. in Albany. Probably not a 2 hrs. drive from where any reader of All Over Albany lives. And I bet the prices are at least as good if not better (not to mention the savings on gas).

I moved here from Scottsdale, AZ and I am totally agree with Karen. I am working for RPI and there is a huge population familiar with TJ's who can't wait to get there not only for the unique goods they used to buy for very good prices, but also for the international small market shopping experience when you can find something new every time you shop. The point is:


Meh, I don't get the apeal...Have you guys been to Honest Weight? EATS?

We should be pushing for a Whole Foods? I like Whole Foods...Sustainable Fish Section, Butcher/Deli-Fresh Natural Meats, Organic Produce, Coffee and Cheeses, Bakeries, and Pre-made salads, sandwiches, kosher, veg, etc.

Natural Body Section...

Plus, they pay they their staff living wage and good benefit package...

Does Trader Joe have all that?

Hey AOA - can you tell if all the pro-TJ posts were from the same person?

I moved from Long Island a bit over three years ago. At first I had to travel about 40 minutes to Trader Joe's. Then one opened in my town. I was in 7th heaven. Now I live near Saratoga Springs (yes, I would be back to a 40 minute ride, but well worth it) and have to stock up when I visit my family on L. I. We definitely need a Trader Joe's in Albany. After that, Saratoga!!!

@Harry: All the comments in this thread have been posted from different IP addresses.

I want a Trader Joe's in Albany. I'm a co-op member (and love that place - shout out to Honest Weight) and I've occasionally frequented EATS, Mezzo, Harry and David's. All great places. All places I would continue to frequent if a TJ's came here. BUT sometimes you need a Trader Joe fix. I used to live out west (OR) - in a town w/ a two co-ops (I was a member of one there), a Whole Foods, some specialty shops and a TJ's. I went to them all from time to time. It's just nice to have choices.

Someone asked where you could get a Trader Joe's lawn sign....

you can purchase trader joe's in albany items at

you can get more info about bringing Trader Joe's to Albany at

If you are in love with honest weight.... that's awesome....

some people want items that Honest Weight doesnt carry, and can't/won't.

Albany is large enough for both.

I agree with Heather; there is room for all the stores mentioned in this thread. Bottom line is that Trader Joe's carrys quite a few items that I have never been able to find locally (e.g., Carne Asada, tri-tip roasts, rosemary almonds, cranberry mustard), or, if I can find a similar item, it is at at a much higher price. Also, their staff are very knowledgable about their products and go out of their way to help you. When I lived near a Trader Joes, I went there frequently, but I also shopped at the local supermarket, farmers markets, Whole Foods, Costco, etc. That's what's great about Amercia...freedom of choice.

TJ's has an amazing selection of really hard to find items and lower priced items. Whole Foods - been there - way too expensive. Wasn't impressed.
TJ's better come here soon! 2 years.....I don't think so. That is just too long. Hello - folks would travel from Syracuse.....Are these people insane or just implementing cruel & inhuman punishment.....???????????

I lived in Massachusetts for a few years, and the only thing I really miss is Trader Joe's

Yes, some of the local markets are providing better choices, and I support Honest Weight, local farm markets, etc. But Trader Joe's has unmatched variety, quality, prices, and great service. There is plenty of room for improved shopping choices in the Capital District.

Someone asked about why you just can't get the same items via Internet shopping. I don't think you want to purchase bread, gourmet frozen entrees, eggs, or fresh salsa online. And when you walk through Trader Joe's you are going to see something that you just hadn't thought of. Like packaged pieces of broken dark chocolate -- great chocolate and inexpensive. And I was going to break the chocolate pieces rather than swallow it whole anyway.

Bring them on...


We WILL get a Trader Joe's. Hopefully soon! I just received this from one of our wwtj members (which is similar to other reports I've been receiving):

"I was in [a Trader Joe's] store today and saw one of the managers. I introduced myself and said I was from the Capital District and we had a campaign going to get a store near us. He seemed to know who we were and made it sound as though they were looking for a location. He said he would send an email to corporate about my visit. I was glad I got to speak to him."

Our campaign has gotten their attention, and of course we'll continue until we get one.

Folks, Albany hasn’t just woken up (to the smell of better tasting coffee). With our new focus on high tech industry, and with the influx of highly talented professionals that serve our institutions, our community has GROWN up, and we are no longer content to be “spoon fed” a small number of options for our weekly grocery shopping experience. Many of us Capital Region residents have journeyed past our borders and have tasted the “fruits” of quality, health-conscious, reasonably-priced foods that Trader Joe’s has to offer. We want that here! We're a region comprised of close to a million residents with some of the finest cultural and educational institutions in the country. We deserve Trader Joe's here.

Bruce Roter, President
We Want Trader Joe's in the Capital District

P.S. I'll get off my soapbox now...on second thought, no I wont. It's fun being on a soapbox! You should all try it!

I can't wait to see a Trader Joe's here. They have a large variety of interesting foods at great prices. I'm tired of eating the same old things! I also go to Honest Weight but find that the prices are high. Also HW doesn't have the same selection of interesting, easy to prepare foods. I'm another person that includes a stop at TJ's in NJ and MA when I travel.

whoo hoo! Bring Trader Joe's to Albany. It's more than just a grocery store! It's a way of life.

You are all terribly dull - does anyone know where I can buy a Utica Club sweatshirt? Thank you.

Appreciate Bruce's efforts to have a local Trader Joes. Their merchandise is great and very affordable. Much more reasonable than local coops and a better selection. Lets hope that this comes true.

Just returned from the Hyannis, MA Trader Joe's. We have to get one here.

I was introduced to Trader Joe's by my son when he lived in San Francisco and I have been hooked ever since! No matter where I go, I google for a local Trader Joe's. Luckily, my son has now moved to Towson, MD and there is a TJ's just down the street from him....doesn't get any better than that as far as I'm concerned.
TJ's quality of food, the variety, the prices, the have to experience it to know why there are so many of us that want TJ's in the Capital District! Right now I am in Hadley, Mass. for a short visit and, yes, I did shop at TJ's after dinner last night. The trunk of my car is filled with goodies that the supermarkets don't have....or at least, not the same quality.
Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to a Trader Joe's. You won't be disappointed!

My daughter lives in California and introduced my family to Trader Joe's in Berkley, It was great. Then they set up a store in Alameda, which was closer. This was about 18 years ago. My daughter and myself had been writing all that time to get a Trader Joe's in our area. We all love that store. so many unique items. Even my cat won't eat any other canned food but their brand. We are so happy that Bruce got on the band wagon and got this group together. We support him all the way. Thanks Bruce. Keep up the great work.


Thanks. I will!


Trader Joe's in the Capital District is LONG overdue! Price Chopper gives us dirty stores with unfriendly staff and Hannaford is only marginally better. A Trader Joe's would be a welcome oasis in such a grocery market "backwater" like the Capital District. We long for stores like TJs, Whole Foods and even Wegman's, but it appears that PC has seemingly monopolized the grocery market in the Capital District. TJs would be absolutely mobbed from day one if it opened. TJ's high quality and excellent service at a fair price would give the other two a dose of reality they need to really improve their stores. Ever been to the student chopper? It's like going back to 1974 complete with the Eight O'Clock Bean Coffee I remember from the A&P grocery stores!

Thanks Bruce for all your efforts to get TJ's here and we hope they will committ to our region soon!

I was carrying my lunch in my Trader Joe's canvas tote (as usual) and was stopped by a new face in the elevator at GE. She asked excitedly if there was a Trader Joe's nearby. I told her sadly, no, but I filled her in on and our efforts to attract them to the area. She was very excited and said she would "totally shop there". So, Bruce, we may have a new member. I can almost taste the garlic nan bread now...

I spent almost a month in California this winter. I spoke to the managers of the 3 TJ's that I shopped at. Also brought my receipts home and mailed them to TJ headquarters along with a short note explaining why we need a TJ's here.

I've been know to go to LI to visit and lug 4 full TJ's bags back on the train. Chipoltle salsa, grozen pepper strips, sundried tomatoes at 1/2 the price of PC's, my only fear is that if we got a story it would be too busy, but it would be worth standing in line!

We have had some Trader Joe products from friends who live where they are located. The food is superior and at a better price than local markets. You cannot get the Trader Joe items online (I tried). We really want to have them in the Capital District!!!

33 comments on this topic! Compare that to the amount other topics received. What's on Capital Region residents' minds--TRADER JOE'S!

We're working to get one here!

Bruce Roter

I first got to know T.J.'s when I was living in California back in the early 90's. My sister came out from Massach. and I took her there and she loved it. Now my sister has several T.J.'s to shop at in Mass. and now I live here in Saratoga County with none. Now every family visit to Mass. means me hauling my cooler with me to bring back T. J's food. I want my T.J.'s !

So, Trader Joe's won't come...How about Wegman's from Rochester to Syracuse to the DC area. There must be a line between Syracuse and Albany that keeps Wegman out of our area and Price Chopper out of the west, but PC can go east into Mass. We do need an alternative to PC and Hannaford. We may be condemned by our demographics.

Trader Joe's will happen ~ no question.

High Five, Bruce!

: )


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