Shopping Albany on Etsy

esty logoCheck it out: you can search Etsy, the online marketplace for cool craftiness, by location. So we punched in Albany, NY. Here are a few things that caught our eye.

petal necklace thumbnailHydrangea petal necklace

We love the veins on this sterling silver petal by Elizabeth Scott. And, hey, look, Martha Stewart does, too.

bird cards thumbnailBean, baby bird cards
Laura Glazer (of Hello Pretty City fame) has designed some awfully cute cards. The simplicity of the design is great.
LOGO shirt thumbnailLOGO shirt
This shirt, by Etsy seller momerath, is the kind of branding we can get behind.


Now you've done it! I signed up for Etsy and I went and bought a bunch of jewelry because of you.... It's soooo pretty.

Thanks so much for encouraging local artists and designers and for supporting them, even when highlighting an international network like ETSY.

I am one of those local ETSY jewelry sellers. I also have a weekend kiosk At The Warehouse on Learned Street in North Albany. Check out my new line of Salvaged Style Jewelry: it is made featuring found objects, antique findings, decorative brasswork, and vintage jewelry that I have discovered in local salvage yards, restoration shops, flea markets, garage sales and antique stores.

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