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From our friends at Exit 97.7 WEXT, the 15 most-played songs on the station during the last week:

  1. Fighter Girl - Mason Jennings
  2. Glad It's Over - Wilco
  3. Hollow Man - R.E.M.
  4. I'm Amazed - My Morning Jacket
  5. Violet Hill - Coldplay
  6. Dance With Me - Old 97s
  7. No Hiding Place - Elvis Costello & The Imposters
  8. Only Memory - Matthew Loiacono
  9. I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
  10. 1492 - Counting Crows
  11. Always Where I Need to Be - The Kooks
  12. Aretha, Sing One For Me - Cat Power
  13. Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles
  14. Burn You Up, Burn You Down - Big Blue Ball
  15. Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner

Last week's Top 15.

After the jump, songs that will hit the playlist for the first time this week -- including stuff from Vampire Weekend and The Raconteurs.

Adds for the week of 6/9/08

I'm Not Drowning - Steve Winwood
It's a Shame - Hayes Carll
My Sweet Love - John Mellencamp
Rich Girls - The Virgins
Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
Old Enough - The Raconteurs


May I just ask what your obsession is with this radio station? It isn't broadcasting from Albany (unless you count Amsterdam as part of Albany), the reception is lousy in most parts of Albany, and the music they play isn't very good (this from my 17 year old daughter who loves 102.7 in VT). Why do you take up so much of your blog space with their lists?

I disagree with Amy. I used to listen to 102.7 in the early days when it was eclectic. Now it is just boring. 97.7 is commercial free and, in addition to introducing me to new music, plays fantastic old stuff that I never hear anywhere else. Hands down the best station in the area.


I believe the fascination with the WEXT is that its one of the last independant radio stations. Not just "around the area" but in the "period" sense. It's run by locals, not clear channel like 102.7. Don't get me wrong, I like EQX. It plays some great music and gets involved in the Albany - Bennington community. But its certainly not an independant station.

Couple of things:

-Yes, WEXT's signal leaves something to be desired. I have trouble in the car in many places, but like a lot of people I listen at work all day on the internet.

-Radio isn't really broadcasting, its narrowcasting. WEXT, whose format is best described as Adult Album Alternative, is no more programmed for 17-year-old girls than FLY 92 is programmed for 46-year-old men.

-WEQX? They stopped being cool around the same year your daughter was born. EQX used to be very independent and original, but now they're just another tool of the big record companies, force feeding listeners with the flavor of the month.

I' love to see WEXT move their transmitter closer to Albany, but I'm not sure it will ever happen. They may be non-commercial, but business is business, and it would probably cost a lot of money.

My guess about's obsession with WEXT is that they are both run by locals and they are working together to promote happenings and other things that are local. I love it. Local people actually working together to make the area better! It's a great concept. I hope it continues.

WEXT is listener supported. With enough support maybe they can move closer to Albany. I live closer to Amsterdam, so I've never had trouble with the reception.

The station is great! Although, they are doing more of the typical playing-of-some-of-the-same-songs-over-and-over-and-over than they did when they started. At which points, I simply switch over to EQX for a bit. And the local music that they play -- sweet.

To "EllieB" in your reply to Amy:

You said that we here at EQX are Clear Channel? Are you kidding? We are and have been independent our entire existence! The same guy who put it on the air still owns it - actually 2009 is our 25th anniversary. I'm sorry you don't appreciate what we do here but many do and have for the past 25 years. I for one am proud to work here and I think we do a fine job! I took some time off from EQX and worked the corporate radio route - I won't ever go back to that.

If you don't believe we are independent you are welcome to visit the Victorian Era house we are located in, of feel free to view our "ownership report" on file with the FCC!

On the side of WEXT saying they are independent - yes in a sense I guess they are but they are part of WMHT Educational Telecommunications - which owns (counting EXT) THREE FM stations (WMHT, WRHV, WEXT), two television (WMHT digital and analog) as well as three digital TV channels. They are independent of corporate ownership because they are public - but we are truly independent - we are one single station and the only thing we own other than the station is Fred the Cat who lives here!

By the way - the annual budget for those three FM stations and multiple television services - $9 MILLION A YEAR!!!
(see TU article:)

I hope you'll do your research before ripping on WEQX in the future! We work just as hard as many other people do for cause - and our cause is the music! Please try us out again and maybe you'll hear something you like!

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