Passing Fashion: Rachel and her anti-hoodie

By Heather Lumb

Rachel, a marketer for All Star Body Art in Scotia.

Outside Borders on Broadway in downtown Saratoga.

Sum up your style with one word.

(click on Rachel's pic for a closer look)

Where do you score such a fine-tuned outfit?
The jacket is from Forever 21, jeans from Old Navy, shirt from H&M and these shoes are Keds. Other than those places I travel to the city for some serious shopping.

What fashion rule do you love to break?
I'm into mixing black and brown. It's not really a rule but everyone thinks it is.

What do you think of guys in vests?
I'm down! I definitely love seeing vests on guys!

AOA's take:
Stop-and-stare fashion doesn't have to mean one particular item, although Rachel's new wrist tattoos and her anti-hoodie big button jacket gave her cool kid status. If you're a fan of skinny jeans, remember to cuff 'em if you're going for classy, and pin-thin polka dots can help, too.


I'm sure to get flamed for this, but since when were tattoos considered classy or stylish? I must have missed the edition of the Sunday New York Times fashion supplement where this was announced. Seeing a doodle or a hideous junior high school art class project on a beautiful woman makes me think like someone drew an Inspector Clouseau mustache on the Mona Lisa with a Scripto Magnum marker, and I shake my head ask, "WHY?!" The human body is a magnificent work of art as it is, it doesn't need adulteration by a cartoon that is guaranteed to age faster than it's wearer.

Rumor has it she got the tattoos in prison - someone had insulted her fashion sense and she beat him to a pulp.

Tim, welcome to 2008! You'll be hard pressed to find people nowadays who DON'T have tattoos. I consider myself a classy young lady (26 y/o) with a professional business position and I have a small star tattoo on my wrist and I have received nothing but compliments from ages ranging from 16 to 72! Oh, and furthermore, I got my tattoo at All Star Body Art and wouldn't suggest anyplace different!

I get crap all the time for mixing black and brown...

As for the tattoo issue, I think that some tattoos are classy while others are certainly not. If she had bloody knives with snakes wraped around them tattooed on her wrists... then I might agree with Tim.

You guys are funny. Everybody knows that only sailors get tattoos.

I agree with Tim. Society in general does seem to have arrived at a pro-tattoo consensus as evidenced by the vast array of "body art" my eyes are subjected to daily. Each piece is no doubt lovingly viewed as a unique expression of individuality and creativity by its wearer, but to me it just looks like crap.

To each their own!

To each their certainly is true. There's nothing like personal identity, and the beautiful way Rachel is displaying hers. So, that, and the fact that she's even making the baby turn a head. Does anybody notice the baby?! The baby is jealous of sweet, sweet style. Go, baby.

I really don't understand the whole thing on "tattoo vs. no-tattoo"... if that's the way that someone wants to express their artistic side then by all means let them do it. Personally, if the tattoo's have meaning to the person and they are tastefully done then it adds to the uniqueness and beauty of said person. Granted though I may not be one to speak considering the vast array of ink-work that I have on my person, but nonetheless. Your body is a canvas and it is entirely your own decision on how you wish to present it.

I don't have any tattoos and will never get any. But that's only because I never know when I'll have to run from the law and I don't want any identifiable markings. It's definitely outside of the norm to be under the age of 35 or so and not have at least one tattoo.

I'm almost 43 and I'll admit it - I've had some styles over the years (clothing, hair, music, whatever) that are so embarrassing to me now that I'd like to see any surviving pictures of those times self destruct like the contents of Peter Grave's briefcase so I'll never again be reminded of those temporal lapses in taste. Yes, I even had a "soccer rocker" mullet and goatee once (late 80s, long before it was cool to hate them...) A "classy" tattoo at 26 is going to be a mullet at 43 - only no hair stylist will be able to fix it.

So Tim; allow me to be as honest as yourself. Tattoos have been "stylish" for years, first off, and Second off, remember that people dont get tattoos for your eyes, and I dont get tattoos to be stylish. I never said that "Classy" was a description of my tattoos, just of my otherwise general style. its more just my favorite word. if I needed to give my tattoos an adjective, I would say (dare I?) Beautiful. but I would most definatly not use language like "adulteration" or "cartoon." that just saddens me. you certaintly didnt follow the rule of treating others with respect on your last comment did you. Not that your opinion changes MY outlook of my tattoos, I just wish that you could see them how I see them. They're a stage in my life and yes- they all mean something to me. If only this picture showed all of my tattoos, then what would you say. You should try and understand it from the perspective of someone with tattoos. Tattoos can be feminine and still respectable too. and thank you Amanda, I get compliments all day too at work from people of all ages, and even people who dont like tattoos, because my tattoos are very well done and - beautiful.

Okay, it's not like she was called and said, "hey we're going to take a picture of you in town today". It was a random person while she was enjoying a walk, she doesn't deserve all this, or any, hate. She's young, and smart, and beautiful and oh no, she has tattoos. You only live once, so why don't you keep all the negativity to yourself. It won't do any good anyhow.

I agree with Rachel. I also have tattoos that I love and would never regret getting. I think as long as a tattoo has personal meaning and is artistic (clear, good lines, good placement, etc.), it's all good. What I cannot stand, however, is mass produced tattoos that people get to make themselves feel cool (such as Chinese symbols spelling out any cliched word/phrase, tribal tramp stamps a million other people probably have, your basic sun, and so on.) I think every tattoo should be as unique and beautiful as its owner.
I also don't think anyone has the right to judge anyone else based on appearance. I'm sure if you posted a picture of yourself, I could find many things about you that are not appealing to me. The End.

P.S. Rachel is an amazing artist.

Rachel, your tattoos are beautiful! There is nothing wrong with ladies with tattoos, infact i prefer it! and i'm not just saying that because i got my first tattoo in your living room! Don't listen to these people on here and keep doing what you're doing! Lookin good!

I would have to agree with Rachel...Tattoo's have been stylish for years. Who's to say your children if you have any and or grandchildren wouldn't want or may have tattoo's. Are you bashing them? I have two tattoo's actually. One on my back and one on my thigh of my boyfriends name. How about that!? And no I'm not scared that it will bring bad luck. Like I tell others. ITS MY HOT BODY I'LL DO WHAT I WANT!

I think your clothes and tattoo's are very nice, I have two myself. I beleive if people dont like the picture then why leave a comment? Thats just rude, and thats treating you with the same respect they would like in return? I doubt it.

So, the woman herself comes here to defend her honor. Rachel, I don't think you need to explain yourself at all, and your comment almost comes off as a "methinks the lady doth protest too much" thing (I probably butchered that quote and am too lazy to Google it). Let the naysayers um... naysay... all they want.

Also, want to get a cup of coffee sometime?

Rachel, if this was real life (instead of virtual), I'd be standing right behind you shaking my head yes and saying "uh huh, that's right girl". And perhaps, maybe, just maybe, waving my finger in the air to better accent each of your points.

I too am surprised at the focus of this girls' tattoos.. the first thing I saw when looking at the picture was a cute girl being checked out by a kid in a baby stroller. I think I know what that kid is looking at and I bet you it's a nice view.

Like most things in life, you cannot make generalized statements about tattoos. Yes, there are many, many tattoos that are poorly made or poorly chosen. However there are also tattoos that are carefully thought out and designed, chosen for very specific reasons, full of personal meaning.

Tim, you hateful, hateful man. Tattoos will never, never, never go out of style. You are a obviously miserable person.

Thanks to all the supporters. And I dont feel the need to defend myself, but to defend everyone who gets judged for how they look, especially the people with tattoos because we get judged the worst and the quickest. You would be pretty suprised. And thanks for the offer B, but I'm taken. I appreciate it though.

I think Rachel and her tattoos are classy, in the respectable sense that she has been bold enough to make the lifelong commitment to expressing beauty in her own definition. Tattoos are an old, traditional representation of someone's personal beliefs and sense of art, so controversy from outsiders is to be expected, since it's something done for oneself - not in order to please others. Her tattoos are not offensive - they're beautiful, and I commend her for wearing them proudly on her arms and wrists.

Well hey rachels tattoos are tastefull well thought out and well place... thank god you all couldnt see her upper arm.. hahaha well id like to proove all you naysayers wrong come see me down at all star body art in Scotia.. im sure our work will show you that we dont do bad tattoo's and that we should be the only place you get tattooed with the exception of less than a handfull of other shops in the area

It's great that everyone's talking about this, but a few comments have veered toward the unkind side. We just ask that everyone keep the discussion guidelines in mind. Thanks.

Sorry, I forgot to include the little emoticon to show I was goofing. Here:

; )

I hope it helps.

Ahhhh - people arguing over tatoos.Only on the Internet(tm)!

Whoa! Back up here a minute... Hey Tim, when did mullets go out of style? Hmm... Maybe I should see a hair dresser.....

I love how even my tattoo artist came to leave a comment. nice scott... way to be

I like it. The jacket works.

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