Jerry Jennings bobblehead night

Jerry Jennings bobbleheadIt's "Albany Night" at the ValleyCats game tonight and the first 1,500 people through the turnstiles will get their very own Jerry Jennings bobblehead.

But before you go running to line up at The Joe, you must know that the verisimilitude* of the Jennings bobblehead has been called into question. Judging from the image we've seen, Bobblehead Jerry is perhaps a bit more trim than the real thing. And apparently his eyes are the wrong color.

When confronted about the differences by Capital News 9 (the video's not online), here's what ValleyCats assistant GM Vic Christopher said: "The man is larger than life. How do you capture a personality like Jerry Jennings in a 7-inch ceramic doll?"

Well, we're guessing you start by picking a shade of orange.

*yes, this is most likely the only time "verisimilitude" will ever be used on AOA

image: Tri-City ValleyCats


I'm there!

That BH looks a lot younger, and lighter, than Mr. J!

Sweet. I'm going to put that on my nightstand right underneath my Jerry Jennings poster!! And when I go to bed wearing my Jerry Jennings jammies, I can sleep tight knowing that dreams do come true.

This was linked to The Daily Politics. I think this blog has officially made it! Congrats!

I went with my friends and the bobbleheads were gone 30 minutes before we got there. We were so upset we contemplated stealing from children.

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