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Doesn't this make you want to take the rest of the day off?

Summer isn't summer without a little pool time. So where can you cool off and get a few laps or a good game of Marco Polo in around the Capital Region? You pack the beach towel and sunscreen, we've got the list:


Swimming Pools:
Open: Friday, June 27th-September 1st; seven days a week
Membership/cost: None-Open to the public

Lower Lincoln Park Pool
Eagle St. and Morton Ave.
noon-7p (closed for break 4:15-5pm)
Bonus!: Family swim is 5-7pm

Mater Christi Pool
New Scotland Ave.

Westland Hills Pool
Colvin Ave.

Spray Pools:
Hours: 10a-6p
Cost: None -Open to the public

Swinburne Park Spray Pool
Clinton Ave. and Manning Blvd.

Sheridan and Dove Spray Pool
Sheridan Ave. and Dove St.

Upper Lincoln Spray Pool
Morton and Delaware Ave.

North Albany Spray Pool
N. 1st St.

Krank Park Spray Pool
1st Ave.

Swimming Pool:

Bozenkill Park Pool
Gun Club Rd.
Open: Monday, June 30th-September 1st
Hours: M,W,F noon-7pm, T,TH noon-6pm, Sat & Sun 11am-7pm
Membership/Cost: public; $2 ages 5 and up daily; seasonal pass- $100 family of four ($20 each additional person), $35 single, free ages 62 and older.

Swimming Pool:

Lansing Park Pool
Bevan Rd.
Open: Monday, June 30th-September 1st
Hours: noon-7p, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: public; free for residents (bring proof of residency), $5 non-residents
Bonus!: Adult Swim Tuesday evenings 5-7p, so no youth allowed!

Swimming Pool:

Town Pool
71 Schermerhorn Rd.
Open: Saturday, June 28th-last week in August
Hours: noon-7p, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Residents only; $2.50 adult, $2 5-12yrs, free 4yrs and younger or 62 yrs and older; Guest $6 adult, $4 5-12 yrs

Swimming Pool:

Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool
Second Ave. and Thirteenth St.
Open: haven't had an answer from them all day.
Hours: 10a-7p, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Residents only, resident card required
Bonus!: 10:30a-noon is Senior Swimming!

Spray Pools:

Seventh Street Park
Seventh St. and Second Ave.

Clinton Park
Clinton St. and Ave. A

Brotherhood Park
Twenty-fifth St. and Sixth Ave.


Swimming Pools:

South End Pool
Tyler and 4th St.
Open: Thursday, June 26th-late August
Hours: 1p-5:30p, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Public; $2 adult, $1 children, Children's seasonal pass available

Knickerbacker Pool
104th St. and 7th Ave.
Open: Friday, June 27th-late August
Hours: 1p-5:30p, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: same as south end!
Bonus!: There are special events all the time from 6-8pm at both pools, check


Swimming Pools:

Victoria Pool
Saratoga Spa State Park
Open: Friday, June 28th-September 1st
Hours: M-F 10a-6p; Sat & Sun 10a-7p
Membership/Cost: Public; $6 adult, $3 children 5-12yrs
Bonus!: You can sip a pool side gin and tonic or grab lunch at the clubhouse.

Peerless Pool
Saratoga Spa State Park
Open: Friday, July 4th-September 1st
Hours: M-F 10a-6p; Sat & Sun 10a-7p
Membership/Cost: Public; Mandatory $6 vehicle entry fee; $3 adult, $1.50 children 5-12yrs
Bonus!: Newly refurbished, cool slide pool, separate kiddie pool with fountain.

Spray Pools:
Open: now-September 1st
Hours: Dawn to dusk

East Side Recreation Spray Pool
Caroline St. and Granger Ave.

West Side Recreation Spray Pool
Division St.

South Side Recreation Spray Pool
15 Vanderbuilt Ave.

Geyser Park Spray Pool
10 Adams Rd.

Swimming Pools:

Open: now-September 1st
Hours: noon-approximately 8:30 pm
Membership/Cost: Membership (application required)
Fees--Individual $120; Couple $190; Family $255; Babsitter $55 in addition to family fees; call 371-6667 for application details
Bonus!: Many an awesome diving board at all pools

Country Knolls Pool
Burning Bush Blvd.

Barney Road Pool
Barney Rd.

Locust Lane Pool
Locust Ln.

Swimming Pool:

Waterford Town Pool
Ballston St.
Open: Monday, June 30th-August 16th
Hours: M-F 1-7pm, Sat & Sun 1-6pm
Membership/Cost: Daily: $2 adult resident ($4 non-resident), $1 children resident ($2 non-resident), $.75 senior resident ($1 non-resident); Seasonal Pass: $70 family ($225 non-resident family), $40 single ($100 single non-resident).


Swimming Pools:

Central Park Pool
Central Park
Open: Friday, June 27th-September 1st
Hours: noon-7p; seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Public; free

Front Street Pool
Front St.
Open: Friday, June 27th-September 1st
Hours: noon-6:30p; seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Public; $3 adult, $1.25 children
Bonus!: Swimming lessons $25/week

Hillhurst Pool
Campbell St.
Open: Monday, June 30th-September 1st
Hours: M-F noon-7p
Membership/Cost: Public; free

Quakenbush Pool
Forest Rd.
Open: Monday, June 30th-September 1st
Hours: M-F noon-6p; Sat noon-5p

Swimmingl Pool:

Niskayuna Town Pool
Aqueduct Rd.
Open: Thursday, June 26th-September 1st
Hours: M-F 12:30-7:45pm, Sat & Sun 11am-7:45pm
Membership/Cost: Resident-only membership; Daily ID Passes- $4 adult ($6 guest), $2 2-13yrs ($4 guest), free 65yrs and older; Seasonal Passes- $185 family, $135 couple (same household), $120 Single parent and child, $75 adult.
Bonus!: Residents are encouraged to ask about pool parties.


This post is full of win! Bookmarking for those hazy, lazy days.

I tried out the Knickerbacker pool in Troy this evening. They have adult lap swimming (no kids) from 6-8 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The pool was small but nearly empty, there is a waterslide (!!!) in the deep end, the lifeguards were very nice and they even loaned me a kickboard. I had the whole (short) lap lane to myself.

Best of all, it was good exercise for FREE. They didn't even charge me the $2 adult admission.

Driving past The Snowman on the way home didn't hurt either...

(Apparently the South End pool does this too, on M-W-F.)

Took the kids up to Peerless pool today (Saturday 7/19). The slide and kiddie pool are still closed (just as well, the 5-year-old is still about 2 inches too short for the slide!) The pool and the new lining looked fine :) Weather was great, nice size crowd - until they closed the pool at about 4:30 because of a quick moving thunderstorm. We waited out the rain, then had a picnic supper over near the Geyser picnic area. Another great spot for kids - near a creek, play area - who could ask for more?!

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