Passing Fashion: Emily and her Spanish influence

By Heather Lumb

Emily, a student intern for the state.

Outside the Spectrum Theater on Delaware Ave.

Sum up your style with one magnetic poetry phrase.
Raw, funky, more sophisticated.

The outfit hails from?
The leopard print cardigan and a good chunk of the bangles are from Spain. The shorts are from Express, and boots from Urban Outfitters. I'd go to Spain to shop Bershka and Blanco all the time if I could.

What do you build your daily look around?
How I feel! And today I feel sweaty... but also really excited!

AOA's take:
Let's all just take a moment to appreciate the whimsy of mixing FUN into your daily wardrobe. Looking serious can make you feel quite respected and all that, but dressing to the tune of excitement or amusement is -- oh, what the hey -- AWESOME.

Emily wants you all to know that H & M and Urban Outfitters (albeit a drive), works in a pinch if Spain isn't in your shopping plans.


I can't believe she doesn't have tattoos on her wrists.

Maybe she does (have tattoos on her wrists) just can't see them.
Awesome pieces, but I think I would prefer flats to the boots in 80+ degree weather.

Barold's comment might be the first-ever AOA in-joke.

Ahhh the boots in the summer conflict. Well, they just looked darn good, didn't they? And apparently, she was rushing from Vermont from earlier that day, and it was cooler there so it worked. But it's a good look for cooler late summer nights, right? Just thinking ahead....

yeah i noticed that in-joke was made about my picture on here. i cant believe we're still talking about it lol. but i love everything shes wearing. i love the boots, i love urban outfitters, i love the cheetah cardigan, i think i have it. i love the jewelery and shirt. but if shes sweaty, why boots? anyways i love it, its not to much of any color

oh man i forgot about this!

no open-toed shoes allowed at work!! but i would sleep in those boots if i could, i love them so much. i had to retire them recently though so it's kind of a touchy subject.

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