Crazy cheap CFL bulbs at Price Chopper

light bulbs on the shelf

Someone tell Al Gore.

Price Chopper has a great deal on GE Energy Smart CFL bulbs from now until the end of the year. Single bulbs are only $1.99 (with AdvantEdge card, of course). The Chopper usually sells them for $6.49. Even at a big-box discount store like Target, they're usually about $5.50 for a single bulb. Even the Wal-Mart six pack isn't as cheap per bulb.

We've used a bunch of these bulbs in the past, and as CFLs go, they give off pretty nice light. And now they're a bargain.


The quality of the light is OK? I tried some cheap off-brand CFLs at home and found they made the living room look like the waiting room at my dentist's office.

Please remember that these lights contain mercury and need to be handled and disposed of properly. Please recycle!!

Whoah, that price is awesome! Although, Rob is right about the illumination issues, and that's a bummer. But these bulbs save energy, and that's good for the environment, so it looks like we're right back to being awesome again.

Echoing Danielle -- can't emphasize enough that especially if you have young children, it may be very dangerous to have these bulbs in your house.

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