Paterson says no to money for Albany, state archivist pleads guilting to ripping off artifacts, jobs and schools draw Asian-Americans to area, how not to fraudulently report your car stolen

David Paterson has vetoed the legislation that would have paid the City of Albany $5.5 million this year and $11 million for the next 29 years. The money was supposed to help compensate the city for state-owned property that can't be taxed, such as the Harriman Office Campus. Albany is facing a budget deficit of more than $14 million next year -- and the city comptroller says it may have to lay off people. [TU]

A fire burned through 22,000 square feet of warehouse space at the Rotterdam Corporate Park yesterday. It took more than 100 firefighters to put out the flames. A fire department official says the warehouse's fire walls and doors -- left over from the building's original use as an Army depot -- helped save the rest of the facility. [Daily Gazette]

The Saratoga Springs school superintendent says the school board will fire that teacher who had been emailing, texting and IM'ing one of his students about poetry and other topics that, in the words of the teacher, his wife found "very disturbing." [TU]

Daniel Lorello, the state archivist who had been accused of stealing state artifacts and selling them, pleaded guilty yesterday to second-degree larceny. He could get two to six years in prison. He's also been ordered to pay more than $100,000 in restitution. [TU]

SCCC will start construction on a $20 million dorm next month. The five story building will go up on Railroad Ave next to the Armory. [Daily Gazette]

Asian-Americans have been the fastest growing ethnic population in the Capital Region since 2000, according to census data. Community members say tech jobs and educational opportunities are behind the growing numbers. [TU]

Tip: if you and a friend decide late one night to smash the windows out of your car, push it into the Hudson and then report it stolen -- it helps to not be drunk and bleeding when the cops show up to take your statement. [Daily Gazette]


I think NY politics is ripe with sitcom potential. "David Paterson was your average Lieutenant Governor. Until one day, he woke up the most powerful man in the Empire State! But does a blind man have the best vision for the future? Can he silence those pesky critics using only his trademark wit? And what about that wacky state budget? Uh oh! David Paterson is.... mY AcCiDeNtAl GoVeRnOr! Fridays at 9, only on the CW!"

I'd greenlight it.

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