Bad commute

car submerged trunk sticking out

Hackett Blvd was a little backed up during the Thursday afternoon commute.

So, this is what it means to be in a trough. When do we get to be on the ridge?

Some more flood pictures after the jump. Take some good pictures of the flooding? We'd love to post them: editors |at| alloveralbany |dot| com .

photo: Paul Turner

Hackett Blvd in Albany

Hackett submerged

car underwater on Hackett Blvd

(Thanks, Paul!)

Manning Blvd in Albany:

car submerged on Manning

car submerged on Manning wide shot

Manning Blvd as a lake

See also: Tori's pictures and video of flooding on South Pearl Street.


What the hell is going on? I'm glad I live on a mountain top... you flat landers have a hell of a mess to deal with.

The coop parking lot was quite ridiculous. Many customers hung out for an hour waiting for the water to recede. Ultimately, many went out back doors and side lots. It wasn't pretty.

Wow, I work on Hackett Blvd but couldn't really see the extent of the flooding, especially further down the road where these pics were taken.

A hydrant burst at the corner of S Pearl and Arch St (across from the DMV). I have pictures up on my flickr:

OMG...I work at the South Campus...glad I left early!

Even Academy Road, just before Albany Academy, was flooded yesterday, right in front of the Neil Hellman School. And that's on higher ground! My commute, which normally takes 10 minutes, was an hour yesterday. Shoulda brought the kayak to work!

I'm glad I own a Jeep, hahaha.

It was terrible over in front of Bishop Maginn High School, too. Apparently someone went off the road in the flood because when I drove by there was a car in the greenspace in front of the school, partially in the water. Others were attempting to drive through high standing water. Not smart!

Curious - where were the Albany Police to close off the flooded roads?

1. Don't eat anything bigger than your head.

2. Don't drive through water of uncertain depth.

@Barbie: We saw cops set up at a temporary pond on Western Ave between Manning and Rt. 85. I'm guessing that the flooding came on so quickly there wasn't time to close off the roads before some people plowed into the water.

@Rob: good advice!

Sure this was a lot of rain over a very short amount of time, but why hasn't the city learned it's lesson. This is not the first time floods have happened and will not be the last. Responsibility for damage is never their fault and our taxes continue to rise without improvements. *sigh*

Man...That could ruin your whole day.

But I can see the headlines now:

"Mayor secures funding, construction and filling of new city pool!"

Cars wrecked in the rain, kids kayaking in the icky sewage, basements flooded...I wonder how many cell phones died due to water damage. My daughter and I were at Scratch yesterday and we overheard talk of someone not being callable by because of a tragic phone death in Thursday's storm.

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