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No harsh chemicals or smelly stuff allowed.

So last weekend at the Farmer's Market in Troy, we met a woman who was sporting a chic new hairstyle. Always curious, we asked where she'd gotten her new look.

"An organic salon called Indigo."

A what? Organic salon? What is that ?

We had to know more. So we dropped in on Kathe Anzola, the owner of Indigo. It's a peaceful, airy little place on River Street.

She cleared things up for us.

What is it that makes a salon organic?

Indigo_Kathy.jpgOrganic really refers to the products. I try to use as few chemicals as possible in
people's hair and in the cleaning products and laundry supplies I use. It's a
place where people can come and not be overwhelmed by smells.

Why did you choose to go organic?

I had to. I'd been working in salons for nearly 20 years when I developed an intolerance
to some of the chemicals in the products I was using. Some of the colors and perm solutions were making me sick. So I told clients I wouldn't do certain things. But eventually I had to leave because everyone around me was still using the stuff.

Also, I got tired of looking at hair that was just FRIED. I'd think, oh honey, bring
your hair back to the way it's supposed to look.

So I spent a winter researching herbology and opened an organic salon.

I won't perm people's hair. I use natural henna and indigo products for color. I will use some chemical color on occasion, but nothing with ammonia.

I do facials, too. Almost everything I put on the skin I make myself using things like
clay and essential oils.

Is organic more expensive?

Yes, because the ingredients are more expensive. So the products are more expensive. The John Masters organic shampoo I use is $16 a bottle.

What's the biggest mistake people make with their hair?

Washing it too much. You shouldn't wash your hair every day. Once or twice a week is fine.

Do you have a theory about beauty?

We should work with what we have as much as possible--without altering it with chemicals. I try to keep it as manageable and low maintenance as possible.

Find It

Indigo Hair
195 River Street
Troy, NY 12180


I love Kathe and Indigo! I have been getting my hair cut there since I moved to Albany a few years ago, and it is always a wonderful experience.

Since I moved to Albany in 1999, I had been getting my haircut in Connecticut until a colleague told me about Indigo. Kathe is great and the salon is so pleasant. And my husband and 1-year old enjoy the farmers' market while I pamper myself. Make an appointment and see for yourself!

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