Taste testing Rachael Ray Booscotti

Otto choosing treats
Otto considers his choice.
Rachael Ray Booscotti

Not content to merely take over the human world, Rachael Ray -- and her brand -- recently expanded into the world of dog treats and dog food. The Rachael Ray Nutrish line features "premium" dog food, chewy "Grill Bites," and crunchy "Booscotti" (as in Isaboo, Rachael's dog).

Here's how the Booscotti are described on the RR site:

It's fun to watch my Isaboo start her tail waggin' the minute she sees these treats. I'll bet your dog will go crazy for them, too.

Well, we'll just see about that. We put the Booscotti to the test with Otto, the AOA office dog.

Here's how our not-even-close-to-scientific test worked. Otto was allowed to taste both the peanut butter and bacon flavors of Booscotti. He seemed to enjoy both. Then we asked Otto to sit while we placed a Booscotti and a Milkbone (Otto's regular treat) an equal distance from him. Then we released Otto and he was allowed to pick whichever treat he wanted to eat first. The results...

Peanut Butter Booscotti vs. Milkbones
Booscotti Milkbone
first offer X
second offer X
third offer X
winner Peanut Butter Booscotti

Bacon Booscotti vs. Milkbones
Booscotti Milkbone
first offer X
second offer X
third offer X
winner Milkbones

The Bottom Line

It appeared that Otto favored the peanut butter Booscotti a little more than Milkbones, and the Milkbones a little more than the bacon Booscotti. Considering that we can get more than twice as many Milkbones for the same price as the Booscotti ($3.50 at Walmart), we think we'll stick with the old standby -- Otto seems just as happy either way.


I heard on NPR that the only segment of the economy that's booming right now is pet products. Because people go stupid for their pets. But I'm sure that had nothing to do with Ray's product line expansion. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. Just like that time when the box of office donuts went missing and I just so happened to have jelly on my face. Coincidence, people. Deal with it.

Well, I heard on AOA that Rachael Ray went to the Rachael Ray store to buy some Rachael Ray dogfood biscuits, and ran into, who else, but Rachael Ray - who was buying some Rachael Ray olive oil, a Rachael Ray magazine and a Rachael Ray cookbook. She has to hurry home to sit on her Rachael Ray sofa and watch the Rachael Ray show on her Rachael Ray television, while of course sitting on her Rachael Ray couch, which was placed on her Rachael Ray carpet. Now, tell me, who is obsessed with Rachael Ray?

Hey Barold, you forgot about the Rachael Ray bottled water, made from her very own family recipe:

2 parts Hydrogen
1 part oxygen.


You know, of course, that dogs do not have any taste buds, and that these cookies might as well taste like the dead rat in the backyard ...

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