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Trust me, I'm lying t-shirtThe good thing about Craigslist: it's a window into our fellow community members' wants, needs and aspirations. The bad thing about Craigslist: it's a window into our fellow community members' wants, needs and aspirations.

Good or bad, we'll let you decide...

It probably isn't a surprise, but Price Chopper is a total meet market. Hannaford, too.

She told you to stop staring at her chest? Whatever gave you the impression it would be a long shot?

Missed Connections philosopher says: "Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor."

If you recently found an abandoned $40 voucher at one of the betting machines at the Track, worry not. The person who left it there holds no resentment towards you for keeping it.

Sure, it's a python. But it's a great family python.

Every girl needs a little black dress. So does her dog.

A new-to-us phrase: CURB ALERT. We're now trying to think of ways we can drop that in non-Craigslist conversations: Bob knew it was time for a change when Jane called a curb alert on their relationship.

t-shirt from Cafe Press


"This is Pantaloons reporting live outside of the Washington Tavern... where several bouncers have evicted 22 year old Johnny Smith for public intoxication. Early reports say that Smith was attempting to fly off of the barstool with chicken wings strapped to his back. These reports, however, can not be confirmed. Smith is now sitting on the sidewalk, clutching his stomach. Authorities have issued a CURB ALERT for this section of Washington ave. Should Smith vomit into the street, as we expect he will, a CURB WARNING will be issued and pedestrians will be encouraged to avoid that area. Back to you, AOA".

This just in... we have confirmed reports of vomit on Washington Avenue, motorists and pedestrians are advised to find alternate routes to avoid the spillage. Our reporter on the scene, Pantaloons, reports that the beer-based vomit contains large chunks of chicken and what appears to be a child's toy - perhaps the head of a Ken doll. Albany PD has issued a curb alert for the entire area until 10 p.m. We'll have film at 11, along with Joe's weekend forecast. (We now return to reguarly scheduled programming).

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