Tugboats in Waterford

Tug Trilogy

Tug Trilogy

The Waterford Tugboat Roundup launches (boat joke) today with a tugboat parade between Albany and Waterford starting at 2 pm. And then on Saturday and Sunday, there will be tugboat tours, rides and other fun stuff along the Waterford waterfront.

OK, so what's the big deal about tugboats? We weren't real sure. So when AOA crowd member Meg Sodano emailed us this week offering to show us around her parents' tugboat, we jumped aboard (ok, last boat joke).

Betsy and Jeff Brewster, Meg Sodano

Meg's parents, Betsy and Jeff Brewster, own a 38-foot, 24-ton tugboat called Tug Trilogy. It's the third tug they've owned (thus, the name). They're both retired art teachers from Connecticut and they've been taking their boats out for five or six weeks at time during the summers since Meg and her two siblings were kids. "It's a renewal kind of thing," Betsy says. "We love the boat because we can get away."

But why a tugboat and not some other kind of boat?

"There's a level of class" Jeff says. "We're accepted by both powerboats and sailboats -- those two don't normally get along." Jeff says people seem to respond to each tug's quirky characteristics and history. "Everybody stops and looks [when a tug goes by]," says Jeff. (And we gotta admit that the boats are kind of cute in a Thomas-the-Tank-in-real-life way.)

Tugs were once the workhorses of the canal system. And while they still are used to move barges and help maneuver ships, the boats more recently are being used for recreational purposes.

Tug Trilogy windowBetsy and Jeff spent summers on their first two tugs cruising along the New England coast with their kids. Betsy says living on those boats with five people and two dogs was a little cramped. But Meg says it was a lot of fun. "It was boring at home," she says. "We had adventures on the boat."

Tug Trilogy is a step up from those first two boats, which Betsy described as a bit like floating campers. While TT's accommodations aren't exactly palatial, it reminded us of a studio apartment -- there's not a ton of space, but it looks like there's enough to be comfortable.

This summer Betsy and Jeff took Tug Trilogy on the "Triangle Loop," which led them up the Hudson, over to Oswego, up the St. Lawrence, into Lake Champlain and then back here to Waterford.

And that's where they'll be this weekend for the parade and roundup.

Here are a few pics of Tug Trilogy...

Tug Trilogy dining area

Tug Trilogy kitchen

Tug Trilogy bathroom

Tug Trilogy bed

Tug Trilogy bow

Tug Trilogy from stern

Hannah, Betsy and Jeff's dog

Tug Trilogy dog Hannah

(Thanks, Meg!)

Find It

Waterford Tugboat Roundup
South Street
Waterford, NY 12188


So this is what retired teachers do! Why am I still working?
Penny always talked about your boat, and we did see it in one of the books we purchased, but these pictures are great.
Nick would love to see it sometime, and love to "get on board" to take a real look- It is just wonderful!
Yes yoru girls have been bery lucky! Great famil thing to do, and what a way to relax

Thanks, AOA! This is a really beautiful boat. And since you took the pics on a sunny day it's making me smile in this rainy gloom.

Are all the rooms in the hull, including the kitchen? It doesn't look like it would all fit in there!

A very neat boat. Growing up as friends of the family, I remember spending time on the original Brewster Cruiser. Puffin (The first of three) was a beautiful boat that, with the hosts, set the mood for fun. I've never seen Trilogy, but I'm sure that these beautiful pictures and article give only a small idea of how wonderful it is. If you ever get the chance to see Trilogy up close, take a long look and admire her; but make extra time to talk with Jeff and Betsy, they are the true soul behind it.

Your tug trilogy is a work of art. I would be interested in the manufacturers information to explore either a new version of the boat or a well maintained used one.

Thank you,


i love boats in general, but especially tugboats....i see them as the equialent of an aquatic dumptruck, big and burly, ready for work types....great for hauling lots of stuff around and drinking beers with

plus waterford is an underestimated city

My husband Dave visited with you today while I peddled my wares at a craft show!
He absolutely loved the whole thing!
He told me all about your boat and your tours.....OMG that sounds soooooooo romantic!
Thanks for the inspiration....we look forward to our next phase in life!

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