How 'bout them apples

Random NY agricultural fact of the day: the number one apple variety grown in New York is the McIntosh, followed by Empire, Red Delicious, Cortland and Golden Delicious. Bonus fact: the McIntosh is named after John McIntosh, who discovered the variety in Ontario after fleeing there from the Mohawk Valley during the Revolutionary War (he was a Tory loyalist).



Apple season is upon us!

And I can't wait to try the apple vodka from the farm stand in Valatie!

I'm sad to report that our first foray into apple picking was a scratch today, the crop was badly blighted by what everyone was saying had been a wicked hailstorm. Pickings were very slim, and it was a bit heartbreaking to see a farmer's harvest ruined like that, especially with the cost of energy going way up. This was in Kinderhook, maybe the story is different in Rexford or Altamont? We'll find out tomorrow.

McIntosh are the earliest apples and done for the season at most farms. Now serving are Empires, Cortlands and Red Delicious. Goold's in Schodack was not hit by bad summer weather and their annual festival is this weekend. Most local orchards are offering a good selection and NOW is the time to pick your own.

Got some nice apples last weekend at:
Lindsey's Idyllwood Orchard & Farm
267 Sugar Hill Road, Rexford, NY.

It's on the same road as Bowman Orchards, but we had heard it was really crowded that day, so we switched at the last minute. I had never been there, and it was a nice change: it wasn't packed, they had cider and donuts, and you can do everything on foot, no need to "drive by". Made some nice apple crisp and apple sauce.

With gluten.
Just kidding.

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