Elmo overload

ElmoWe were kicking around the Palace's site yesterday when we noticed that "Sesame Street Live -- Elmo Makes Music" is coming there in February -- for seven shows. Yep, there will be seven Elmo performances over the course of three days.

A few thoughts:

1. As we understand it, Elmo is only three-and-a-half-years-old. Seven shows in three days has gotta violate some kind of child monster labor law. (And you don't want to make Elmo angry!)

2. The Capital Region must really love itself some Elmo. And, of course, we can only guess that Elmo LOVE Albany!


My almost-2-year-old is going to blow a gasket when she hears about this, and she is not alone. That furry red scamp's hold on the toddler set makes Hannah Montana's tweenage fan hysteria look like chump change in comparison.

Agreeing with Elizabeth. I believe that Elmo should be banned in public places. Well... not banned (I don't believe in censorship). But, definitely required to be concealed in a plain brown wrapper. I say this from the perspective of someone who has been in Borders, Price Chopper, Target, The Book House and myriad other local establishments with a toddler who is shrieking "Elmo! Elmo!". While my heart revels in my child's delight, my ears are ringing with a very different tune.

My wife and I manage to avoid the Elmo experience for our little ones... we bought classic Sesame Street cd's from the first 3 seasons. Instead of screaming for Elmo, our kids sing the Ladybug Picnic and C is for Cookie songs.

One interesting thing about these cd's... Sesame has a disclaimer that begins each episode stating that these are not for child education but for adult entertainment... apparently educational theory and practice has come a long way since 1968.


I heard that recently. Apparently some folks now believe that Oscar the Grouch is too pessimistic for children, Cookie Monster teaches gluttony and Bert and Ernie display homoerotic undertones. (I'm not making this up.)

I can't even begin to get into how ridiculous I find this. Maybe this is why I shouldn't ever have kids.

All hail the nanny state.

Katy: may I suggest concealing said toddler in a plain brown wrapper?

Jess... you want to talk about undertones with Bert and Ernie??

The new season (I watch it with my 2 yr old), HAs Bert and Ernie as claymation characters that both go on Bert's bed and set off on adventures together. The first one, I kid you not, have them shrinking in size and exploring a bowl of fruit. There is just something about seeing Bert riding a banana that made my wife and I laugh throughout the skit.

Sebastien... thank you for the suggestion. I will take it under advisement.

Barold... we thought we were going "classic" with the Sesame Street music by buying the "Songs from the Street" (35 years of Sesame Street) with all of the "old school" material. But, you get to CD 3, track 15, and there's the Elmo Song in all its glory. No turning back. Interesting, though, what you said about the disclaimers -- our discs don't have that. It is hard to find music for today's kids that is classic from our childhood.

May I suggest "Free to be You and Me" by Marlo Thomas & Friends? I don't know how old you are, but I listened to it in the '70s and it has been re-released. Won't do the counting and ABCs, but it has some good messages.

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