Girl Talk at Skidmore

Girl Talk

Girl Talk in Columbus, Ohio.

Gregg Gillis, the mashup artist who makes geeks cheer and copyright lawyers cringe, will be at Skidmore Friday night. The show's $20 for non-students. It starts at 8 pm at the campus sports center.

Gillis is an interesting guy (Girl Talk is the stage name he uses). He had been studying biomedical engineering until he dropped out of grad school recently to focus on music. His mashups are crazily omnivorous, like someone dumped everything out of the musical refrigerator into a pot.

photo: Flickr user marit79


BIG BIG fan of mash-ups. But, I can't get over that extra G at the end of "Gregg". I keep trying to listen to his songs but I can't stop staring at that G. One G at the end of his name would get the job done, no?

I'm a bad person. I denounce and reject myself.

Pantaloons, you're probably mentally pronouncing his name incorrectly. The second G is not silent. Properly spoken, "Gregg" is accompanied by profuse ejections of saliva.

This spelling is also designed to make it impossible to use in a game of Scrabble unless you have a blank tile.

i wish i had a laptop and the sense of pseudo-artistic entitlement it must bring, i'd have all the Gen-y young people dancing to my MS default sound scheme

i predict next week that sebastien guy has a hit song on the WEXT Top 15 thing

B: while there are a lot of things Pantaloons is doing incorrectly mentally, he/she is right on the money here; I will personally attend the Girl Talk concert and will have him place his choice of vowel between those 2 offending G's.

It would still be impossible to use in a game of *English* Scrabble my friend, *English*. I take it you are not using the Malaysian edition? All the cool kids do, and that's how I roll.


I hope they don't charge for parking too.

Sebastien: Am I in Englandia? No, I'm in Ameriworld, I will play USAian Scrabble. Thanks for the suggestion though, I can never keep up with those cool kids and their fancy new mohair do's or whatever it is they call it.

yaaoksureumyourusernameiswayytoolong: I think you're looking for this:

Also we've moved past Gen-Y and are now somewhere inbetween Gen-µ and Gen-Umlaut.

"Gen-µ and Gen-Umlaut"... call them what u will, or just call Mom and Dad for more money.

My confidential sources have confirmed that this "Greg-g" person isn't even a girl. Why then would he go by the stage name "girl talk"? I have no choice but to investigate this web of deceit. I'm going to start my research now, which means I won't have time to finish styling my hair or working on my tan.

I think we can all agree I am the real victim here.

Case closed.

I plan on being there tonight! Can't wait :)

I love you, Pantaloons.

I hope you are a girl.

If not, well, I love you anyway.

re: something

"Something" could be defined as certain uncertainty or a known unknown...which is a concept so profound, I can't help but sit here and contemplate the very nature of existence and the mystery of consciousness and the sheer brilliance that is your user name. Oh man, "American Boy" just came on the radio. Crank it up!! I love this fresh jam. Kanye West is awesome. Anyway, what was I saying? I can't remember. Man, I'm hungry.

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