How local bank stocks fared in today's dive

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George has been feeling it, too.

With the House rejecting the bailout bill, and the stock market subsequently taking a dive, we were curious about how the stocks of banks with local branches fared today.

Here they are, listed from least bad to OMG! For comparison, the S&P 500 dropped 8.79% today.

NBT Bancorp Inc. -3.83%

HSBC -4.54%

TrustCo Bank Corp NY -4.80%

Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. -6.15%

First Niagara Financial Group Inc. -8.20%

M&T Bank Corporation -12.57%

Bank of America Corporation -16.95%

Royal Bank of Scotland Group (Citizens) -31.08%

KeyCorp -33.33%

All numbers from Google Finance.

photo: Flickr user califrayray


Last week, the local bank stocks were up. The First Niagara decline, for example, brought the price back to where it had been.

One of my husbands is a banker, and this whole situation has been making him crazy. I'm praying that things get better in the markets so that he's not so stressed out. But, I know my prayers won't be answered. They never are. Like, last Friday I prayed for the sky to open up and rain chocolate pizza (as featured on All Over Albany). Guses what. It didn't. I'm pretty sure god hates me.

Yes Pantaloons, god does hate you... but I/we/us love you, very very much. Your banker husband, not so much.

I know "banker" is synonymous with "asshole" (especially now), but I promise you he's not. He doesn't work on commission and refuses to work in sales. I realize that an "honest banker" is a paradox so great that it should tare a hole in the space time continuum, but luckily I've watched back to the future like a million times and know exactly what to do to prevent such a catastrophe.

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