terminator spray bottle

I'll be back... to deodorize.

While wandering around the 4th floor of the State Museum recently, we noticed this bottle sitting by one of the windows. It made us laugh a little for a couple of reasons:

1. The stuff -- whatever it is -- is called "Terminator." It sounds like Formula 410 or something.

2. Something called "Terminator" is just randomly sitting out in the museum.

We poked around a little bit online to try to find out what this mystery agent might be, and this product looks like a good candidate. "A powerful and effective deodorizer and all-purpose cleaner with a crisp, fresh scent that will linger for days. Eliminates odors on contact. Ideal for use in locker rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, shower rooms, closets, chutes and sick rooms."

Museums, too, apparently.


I have absolutely nothing to say about this post because I don't quite understand what makes it post-worthy. So I'll just tell you what's been on my mind today. I've decided that I need to trap a squirrel and teach it to water ski. And then sell tickets. Because people who have water-skiing-squirrels are millionaires, and who knows where the economy is headed. Some of you might question the moral implications of kidnapping and exploiting an innocent animal for financial gain, to which I put my hands over my ears and say "lalalalalala".

$5 says that it's vinegar mixed with water.

Actually - I'll up that to $10. I'm a pretty confident gal. I also enjoy gambling.

Pants: exactly *why*, in the name of Sir Tim Berners-Lee (yes, that's Sir to you) would you not link to Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel? It is adorable (in a devious squirrel-ish way), it has its own Wikipedia entry, and it has more videos than Bulbex, the vacuum-cleaning mongrel.

Sebastien, I like Twiggy's American Flag life preserver in that first link. It sort of makes me want to take off my hat and put it over my heart and sing "God Bless America". This means I'll have to up the ante with my own water skiing squirrel... perhaps I can dress him up like Abe Lincoln and make him jump over a bald eagle (who is dressed as the Statue of Liberty).

Shame on the State for not buying local (and therefore green?) At work we get our supplies from American Chemical on Wade Road in Latham, and their prices are as good as anything else you can find on the internet.

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