A photo tour of EMPAC


The scene at today's opening.

RPI cut the ribbon on EMPAC today. And you know what? It's pretty cool. There's nothing else like it in the Capital Region. Heck, there's probably nothing else like it in the world right now. You should definitely check it out.

A lot of people have already written about all the crazy artistic and technological potential at this place, so we'll leave that to them. We did take a tour today, though.

Here are a bunch of pics...

The main piece of EMPAC is a concert hall that sort of "floats" like a wooden (space) ship inside the structure. The building also has a theater and handful of other studio spaces.

EMPAC is built into the side of a hill





Inside the front lobby


The two "gangplanks" that lead into the balcony of the concert hall



Looking down into the cafe


Looking up from the cafe

The concert hall

The concert hall ceiling

Outside the concert hall's left side



Performance space with circular projection screen

Theater lobby (the lights were off in the theater itself)



Wow, indeed. This was originally promised to be opened before my graduation (2004), but like all construction projects it took twice as long. Looks great, though.

Is it open to the public after this grand opening weekend?

People should know that this building is environmentally self sufficient. Also, I believe that RPI was hoping to achieve LEED (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the US Green Building Council. Perhaps you could right a separate article on that itself.

To Craig,

All the events starting Saturday are open to the publc, but online registration for most is done, so you need to call to see if tickets still exist for events.

check empac.rpi.edu

To Ro,
I am not sure when you heard it was supposed to be open in 2004. It didn't break ground until 2003. The original plans were late 06, which it obviously missed by a bit anyway.

I just got back from an open to the public event(madlib) and was pretty impressed. I was surprised they also had free snacks and drinks for us.

Even without tickets, it was pretty easy to check everything EMPAC had to offer this weekend, provided that you show up 15 or 20 minutes before.

I saw a lot, took a pics and videos (maybe on AOA?), and there was a lot to absorb. Madlib didn't impress me at all though, there were a lot of kids shaking it, and it was certainly loud, but I think my main issue was with the room, it felt... empty, without any soul at all. It was, basically, 4 walls; there was *no* lighting whatsoever, and the 360 degrees wall was completely underused; for a place that showcased arts, electronics and multimedia intermixed the whole weekend, I had seen way better setup a few blocks down at Revolution Hall...

But hey, everything was free and well organized, the place is cool, and DumbType did it for me :)

I didn't get to any EMPAC opening events this weekend :( I have to check it out in the next few weeks or soon it will be just another cool building only available to college students!

Paul, don't worry, most of the kids on the RPI campus are worried it will become 'just another cool building' NOT open to the students.

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