Craig and his wonderful list

BO55LADY license plate

Where does the BO55LADY eat?

The good thing about Craigslist: it's a window into our fellow community members' wants, needs and aspirations. The bad thing about Craigslist: it's a window into our fellow community members' wants, needs and aspirations.

Good or bad, we'll let you decide...

You know what's hot? A fauxhawk and knowledge of financial indexes.

Also hot: keeping your cool while on the line with customer support.

One problem with E-ZPass: you don't get to check out the "beyond fine" toll booth workers.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but that doesn't seem to stop people from trying.

The BO55LADY eats at Moe's. And, apparently, she's stunning. (Another tale of Smalbany: AOA spotted this license plate last week.)

Your Legos are needed for an important construction project.

We'd never heard of people keeping hedgehogs as pets, and then two people mention it in the same week.

It seems there was a dognapping at Everybody's Cafe in E. Greenbush.


If Bo55lady is anything like the bosslady character played by Jeanne Tripplehorn in Big Love, I definitely want to meet her!

Granted, I'm more play-doh than Plato...and I did a lot of drugs in high school.... but you know what I find attractive? BASIC grammar. The ability to construct a simple sentence. I mean, for the love of god, you would think that half of these people spoke English as a second language, ate paint chips for breakfast and were typing their entries during a massive Earthquake.

I really hope they get their dog back. That's sad. :(

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