David Paterson is aiming, not shooting

Paterson NY Mag coverNext week's NY Mag has a long article about David Paterson (that's him, really close up, on the cover.) There are a lots of juicy tidbits in the piece: about his favorite Albany hangout, his dance moves, his dating life and why, as a kid, he hit another kid in the face with a lunchbox.

Here are some of the highlights:

+ The piece opens with a story about Paterson playing basketball -- and scoring on the wrong the basket. Says the Gov of his game: "Dramatic, but with not many great results ... I'm not shooting, I'm aiming."

+ He gets up at 5:30 am now, which apparently he hates.

+ Old favorite drink: amaretto on the rocks with a slice of lime. New favorite drink: merlot.

+ His favorite pet peeve: that he's "the accidental governor"

+ Story from school: he once hit a kid in the face with a metal lunch box after the kid made fun of him. He got suspended, but he says no one ever messed with him after that.

+ Signature dance move: the Mandinka hustle (yes, he made that up). It involved him doing a back flip and dancing on his hands.

+ Example of "creative" problem solving during his time working on David Dinkins' NYC mayoral campaign: buy a fifth of liquor everyday to get a problem staffer drunk.

+ When he was single, Paterson would juggle four women at a time.

+ He met his wife at a Temptations concert.

+ Throughout his career in the state Senate, people regarded him as unreliable -- so much so that staffers would be sent to his office to make sure he show up for things.

+ Favorite hangout a few years back: Elda's.

+ When he and his wife were separated, Paterson would sleep around and tell people to make sure his wife found out about it.

+ Among the perks he looked forward to as Senate majority leader: a personal shower in your office.

+ Eliot Spitzer reportedly considered RPI president Shirley Jackson as a potential running mate before picking Paterson.

+ One potential benefit Paterson thought could come along with being Spitzer's lieutenant governor: if Hillary Clinton became President, Spitzer might pick Paterson to take her spot in the US Senate.

+ Spitzer and Paterson went suit shopping together.

+ One of his former lovers was his aide while he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

+ It takes him 10 minutes to memorize 5 minutes of a speech.

+ Says one "party operative": "For all intents and purposes, [Paterson chief of staff] Charles [O'Byrne] is the governor."

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