Nader at the Egg

Ralph Nader will be at the Egg this Thursday. Just $10 gives you a range of possibilities for the evening -- you can a) show your support for his current presidential candidacy b) find out if The Egg is safe at any speed, or c) heckle him for indirectly helping George W. Bush become president.


I remember being all pro-Nader back in 2000, because Rage Against the Machine told me there was no difference between Gore and Bush. I was an angry 19 year old wild child. What's their excuse?

The first word that comes to mind is "irrelevant". Obama/Biden 08

And what was the difference between Gore and Bush? Go back and look at their campaigns in 2000. Remember who Gore's running mate was? Bush's buddy Joe Lieberman!
Rather than try to blame Nader or Rage Against the Machine, I'd be more concerned about the fact that nearly 200,000 registered Democrats in Florida voted for George W. Bush in 2000.

Smantaloons, your name is really turning me on... and I can't figure out why. I gotta go throw some cold water on my face and read the obituaries in order to calm down.

Democrats in 39 safe states will whine their way to the polls this year and vote for a corporate stooge like Obama! As good old Bugs Bunny used to say, "What a bunch of maroons! What Eskimo Pie Heads!" They'll all be voting for coal and nukes, socialism for the rich, war with Iran and overpriced, mandatory HMO care for some instead of single-payer for all. I wonder if they know how to read? They're right, Fox News is for stupid "conservatives". The thing they they don't understand is that the New York Times is for equally stupid "liberals". Corporate Media + Corporate Parties = Corporate Propaganda. The bias is most certainly real but its also not even close to being "right" versus "left". Wake up!

Wow Matt F. - you've got it all figured out. Please tell me how to vote!! I need your wisdom.

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