Paterson's top advisor quits, woman murdered in Schenectady, local home prices steady, gambling with sick days, upside to global warming?

David Paterson's top advisor, Charles O'Byrne, resigned Friday because of the furor over him not paying taxes between 2001 and 2005. O'Byrne had been described as "the second-most-powerful man in New York" while working for Paterson. [NYT] [TU]

Police say a woman was murdered in her Schenectady home over the weekend. They say it appears Jaiwanti Mangar, a Guyanese immigrant, was killed after being struck in the head. [Daily Gazette]

Despite the stepped up police presence in the neighborhood following the nearby murder of UAlbany Richard Bailey, a man was stabbed four times at the corner of Madison and Ontario in Albany early Saturday morning. The attack was related to a fight over a woman, apparently. [Fox 23] [TU]

The president of the Pine Hill Neighborhood Association says there's been "an outpouring of outrage" in the neighborhood after Bailey's murder. APD chief James Tuffey says he's "certain" his department will find the murderer. [TU] [TU]

The median sale price of Capital Region single-family homes was down one percent to $187,500 last month from the same period a year ago, according to the Greater Capital Association of Realtors. The total number of sales was down 13 percent. Prices were down a bit in Saratoga County, up a bit in Schenectady and Renssealer counties and flat in Albany County. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

Albany County DA David Soares has reportedly offered the former Guilderland chief of police a plea deal in the investigation into whether the town's former top cop took sick days so he could go gamble at Turning Stone. [TU]

Local food pantries and aid agencies say they're seeing increased demand. According to one advocate, there is one thing looking up: milder winters from global warming are pushing heating costs down. [AP/Troy Record]

It sounds like it was a rough day at Crossgates on Saturday. Five people were taken to the hospital after they were exposed to polyurethane fumes -- and a boy was also taken to the hospital after getting his foot caught in an elevator. [Daily Gazette]

The new dorm planned for SCCC has been put on hold because of the credit crunch. Officials say they money's available, but the interest is too high. [TU]

Some residents of the Albany County hill towns are trying to organize in order to score better deals from companies looking to build wind turbines there. [TU]

Schnectady High School's football coach, who pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment this past summer after a fight in an Italian restaurant, is being praised for the passion and discipline he's brought to the school's football team, which is having its best season in a long time. The coach also apparently loves Mickey Mouse. [Daily Gazette]


I "certain" Chief Tuffey is a jackass.

I "certain" you are correct, J Stefano. In Saturday's paper Tuffey blames the crime on the "breakdown of society" instead of his crappy policing strategy. Jackass indeed.

There's a lot of news to think about today. And I'd like to add some food-for-thought of my own that was left out of today's headlines.

What do you think the next trendy letter will be?

First, it was X.
X-Files, X-box, X-games.

Then, it was E.
E-mail, E-banking, E-cards.

Now, it is I.
I-pod, I-report, I-ride.

So..what sassy letter of the alphabet do you think will be next? I hope my comprehensive coverage of this extremely important issue doesn't overwhelm you all.

Pantaloons, obviously letters are too worn out to be trendy anymore. We're going to start going with either carets or those inverted exclamation points the Spanish are so fond of. I personally can't wait for the day I ride my ^bike to do some ^commerce at a ^kiosk then use my ^phone's ^map funcionality to get directions to the ^theater so I can watch a ^top performance.

Oh god, Pantaloons found the <B> tag!
Run for cover :)

B... u-might b-onto ^something

Sebastien... yes, I am a master at web code. Maybe someday I'll show you my old geocities page. You'll wonder how I managed to post pictures next to my text, but, too bad for you I never reveal my secrets.

It will be the letter "G."

G for green, of course.

Hey, I post a comment about Charles O'Byrne, actually calling him a dope, and he resigns... Who is really in charge? This is scary...

Abby, my magic 8 ball calls your prediction "very likely". So, there ya go. You might as well change your name to Nostradamus.

Really? Chief Tuffey and his crackerjack APD are gonna find the real killers? Just like OJ?

Man, and here I thought the APD just wrote parking tickets and physically harassed homeless people, in between bouts of bitching at members of the public for interrupting their eternal coffee breaks in order to do some real police work!

(Um, anyone else wish the State Police would just handle this? Those guys that actually seem to know what they're doing most of the time?)

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