Drinking, formal wear and fake horses don't mix

Saratoga Broadway horse vandals

Yeah, this isn't embarrassing. At all.

You might have seen this already, but we had to post it because, well, it's pretty funny. (In the of-course-we-don't-condone-vandalism-at-all kind of way.) It's surveillance video of the three people who damaged the horse sculpture outside Roohan Realty on Broadway in Saratoga this past weekend. (Full length from the TU and CBS6 -- a sort of highlight reel from 518L).

What gets us about this video is the way the people look like they're acting drunk: the exaggerated stumbling and tumbling, the way the cigarettes swing around in their hands, the almost forced-looking laughter. It's like drunk people parodying themselves.

The Saratoga police say they're still looking for the vandals.

(Thanks, M!)


It would be one thing if the vandals were eighth-graders. But these look like adults who should know better. Hence, idiots.

I'm a big believer that the punishment should fit the crime. So, they should be locked in a stable with a real horse (preferably an angry one) and be forced to take runs at it for ten minutes or so while being recorded.

Then post that video on YouTube. Comedy gold.

Is it just me, or is it weird that people were driving by while this was going on and no one did anything? You don't have to confront the morons but if you saw this happening wouldn't you at least call the police? And if you drove by how could you not see it happening?

Oh my gosh, this is crazy and hilarious. I am SURE that video (the one the girl is taking) is on YouTube, or the photos are on Facebook. They were clearly doing it for the photo op. Goodness, what idiots. I bet they are mighty proud, though.

Behold the power of alcohol.

LOL LOL LOL I really like the fact that all three of these knuckleheads are smoking endlessly .... too...

Slow news day in 'toga...

Maybe they could transfer Starsky and Hutch to Albany. We sure could use some extra police.

Somebody please dub a soundtrack for this!

Stay classy Saratoga!

It would probably be good sped up and set to the Benny Hill theme.

@Brock: well... thanks for ruining the surprise.

*closing Adobe Premiere, shaking fist in the air*

Despicable. I hope the guy who finally knocked the horse over hurt himself when he pounded the street. Oh, is that mean? They obviously don't have respect for other people, their art or their property so why should I have respect for them?

@Brock: sped up and Benny Hill? Wish granted:

What? OK, you didn't really wish for it :) Enjoy anyway.
(now if only I could get Greg to replace the picture above with that video, that would be sneaky, hmmm)

keith olberman showed this video on "countdown" friday!

@Sebastien- Thanks, sorry for ruining the surprise!
I've had Benny Hill in my head since it becoming a somewhat recurring theme on the Free Beer and Hotwings morning show (stupid name, funny show)

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