The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Salvation Army clothing racks

This is a well organized thrift store.

By Amy Brozio-Andrews

So I received an email from a friend recently who suggested I check out the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Clinton Ave in Albany for real bargains on clothing (thanks, Elissa!). I got the impression that Goodwill was for amateurs and the Salvation Army was where it's really at.

And wouldn't you know it, she was right...

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is pretty big and really well organized. Like other thrift shops, the clothing is organized by type (jeans, shirts, blouses, sweaters) and then color. Shopping here is really efficient, though, because all items are tagged with a price and a size -- no need to fumble through every pair of jeans looking for one that might be your size, you can just skim the racks quickly and not worry that you're missing the one pair of pants in your size.

There's no uniform pricing; everything is priced individually -- prices are about on par with other thrift stores I've been to -- and no price ticket, no sale. The inventory includes a lot of clothes (men, women, children, plus sizes). There are also blankets, drapes and curtains; furniture; televisions; lamps; glassware and collectibles; books and records (boxes and boxes of records!); toys; shoes; purses; stuffed animals; mattresses; and accessories like scarves and belts.

Most of the items for sale are only gently used. New items are marked as such. Kids' clothing doesn't include the size on the price ticket, just the letter "K."

Salvation Army chinaSome of the more interesting items I found:

+ one 51-piece set of china for $24.99

+ old commemorative prom glasses for a buck or two (if you went to the Mercy High School Junior/Senior prom on May 19, 1989 or the Albany High School senior prom (themed "Reflections") on June 10, 1978, you're in luck)

+ a pair of women's flannel-lined jeans from LL Bean for $7.99

While I'd probably skip the furniture, mattresses, and electronics, The Salvation Army has a lot of name-brand clothing. Their women's and their kids' clothing selection is especially excellent. I bought a girl's Baby Gap dress and a pair of Osh Kosh pants for $1.50 each plus a girl's Old Navy sundress for $2.

When planning your trip, be aware that there's on-street parking only. All sales are final (no returns or exchanges, although things like televisions are tested first to make sure that they work before you buy them). And Wednesday is family day, 50 percent off the ticket price on clothing except that week's incoming color (so this week, it was 50 percent off everything except yellow-ticketed items).

Shop on, bargain hunters!

The Bottom Line

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Albany is well-organized. And it has some great deals on women's and kid's clothing.

Find It

The Salvation Army Thrift Store
452 Clinton Ave
Albany, NY 12206

Other Capital Region locations: Colonie, Latham and Troy.


I got the impression that Goodwill was for amateurs and the Salvation Army was where it's really at.

Oh, it's so true, especially if you're into vintage clothing. Goodwill has way too much Target overstock for would-be retro ladies like myself.

Goodwill is outrageously expensive, to be a thrift store. I love the Clinton Avenue Salvation Army, and I find something interesting every time I go there.

The one in Latham (350 Rte 2/Troy Schenectady Rd) is pretty good, too. The one in Clifton Park (33 Old Route 146) is about the same size although I never seem to find anything there.

Wait, I thought this Salvation Army location had closed. I've been dragging my sorry ass all the way to Schenectady! My only complaint about the Salvation Army is that they organize the clothes by color. So when you walk in, it's like you're suddenly in a Skittles commercial. And I don't know about you, but I'm not about to "Taste the Rainbow". The aroma of moth balls and cigarettes that cling to the dead old lady sweaters is quite enough for me, thanks!

You blew up my spot! Now all those hipster wannabe suburbanites will be all over Clinton Ave.

Rock ON! Thanks; I'll stop by there when I have some extra time! :)

Sorry Save Pine Hills about blowing our secret. And Pantaloons, I like the color sorting - I never have to look at pink, lime green or beige clothes.

I'm a thrift store junkie, and I can't believe I didn't know this store was there! I checked it out and I have to say, it's not quite as good as Latham, but I still managed to find two nice -and good quality - items!

Awesome. I was wondering which day of the week clothing was 50% off...that's how I found this site. Thanks!!

Love the Clinton Avenue store! And the set of china in the above photo -- actually a 62 piece set of Noritake. And it's mine now.
Other great finds in "Sallie's" include a large Coach tote bag/purse for $4, Prada shoes at $8, DKNY leather jacket for $10, Rogers silverware for $25 (includes Chest), and a closet full of designer labels, some still with store tags attached.None of the Target salvage/junk/damaged items like Goodwill puts out for sale.
Senior Day is Tuesday and Family Day is Wednesday -- 50% off except incoming color. Great rotation of stock on a 5-week basis. Super friendly long term employees instead of a changing stream of students.

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