New York State surplus on eBay

state surplus helmetsAfter seeing this story about New York State trying to raise some money by selling surplus equipment on eBay, we decided we had to see what was up for sale.

As it turns out, there's not a whole lot up for bid right now. Most of the stuff is what you'd expect: file cabinets, computer monitors, that sort of thing. But there were a few things that, well, caught our eye is probably not the right phrase -- maybe caused us to take note:

Allis-Chalmer Towmotor Forklift
You know, sometimes you have to move stuff. Or, you know, maybe you just really have a desire to play warehouse on the weekends. Regardless, this lovely forklift could be just the thing to help -- for a bid of more than $356. You'll have to go to Batavia to, um, pick it up, though.

19 WWII steel helmets (with liners)
Take note: these helmets are in "fair condition" and "ARE IN FACT WWII ERA HELMETS." And the competition for them is hot! There are 16 bids in. This lot of helmets could belong to you for a bid of more than $365.

Lot of 150 Safetran Traffic Controllers
For the person who has everything -- and, perhaps, the desire to better control traffic flow on their driveway. These controllers are (maybe?) a steal for a bid of $10.

And how is NYS as an eBay seller? The state has a 99.6% positive rating and has been described as "A pleasure to do business with!"


There is a surprising amount of useful information that can be gleaned about wasted budget money from what NYS has up for sale.

A few years ago, I bought an item from NYS auction. It was a few years old (maybe 5-8) and HAD NEVER BEEN USED. It was still in it's original, as shipped condition, tags, warning labels, etc. We are not talking about a little hand tool here either. This was something that cost thousands of dollars when it was new. Something that I'm sure another agency would have killed to get.

"A++++++ would pay taxes again"

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