Paterson warns of "deeper" cuts in school funding, new budgets for Saratoga and Troy, new jobs at arsenal, turkey to go more popular

David Paterson sent out a letter to school boards around the state yesterday warning them that "deeper declines in funding" will be necessary next year because the legislature failed to act on mid-year budget cuts this year. [TU]

In a surprise, the Saratoga Springs city council approved a 2009 budget that does not include a tax increase. On Monday the city's finance commissioner had said the city would need raise taxes 3.5 percent -- but the budget was revised to use money from a contingency fund and reserves to cover the gap. The budget does includes some cuts to the public works department; the DPW commissioner said he would direct callers with complaints about the cuts to the council members who supported them. [Daily Gazette] [TU] [Saratogian]

Troy's city council also approved a 2009 budget that doesn't include a tax increase -- but this being Troy, the mayor and the council still had to fight about it. [TU] [Troy Record]

A Congressional committee will be looking into allegations that the investigation that turned up Eliot Spitzer's involvement with prostitutes was politically motivated. [NYT]

The state Department of Transportation is closing the rail crossing where an SUV was hit by two trains over the weekend. [TU]

A British company that produces etched silicon wafers is setting up at the Watervliet Arsenal. Vistec Lithography's operation will bring 130 jobs. [Troy Record]

The Schenectady YMCA says it's planning a move to the Center City building in downtown. The Y's housing for homeless men will not be re-located there, though. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

The "What's wrong with people?" story of the day: a witness says she saw a man dump a puppy in a Troy alley last week during one of the nights with sub-freezing temps. The witness says the man kicked the dog as it tried to get back into his truck. [Troy Record]

A school bus in Glenville was belching so much a smoke, police say an officer rear-ended the bus with his patrol car because he couldn't see it. [TU]

Local caterers who sell complete Thanksgiving meals-to-go say they're all sold out. They say more people seem to be looking to buy the to-go dinners each year. [Daily Gazette]


I absolutely hate people that abuse animals. Don't get one if you don't plan on taking care of it. How many times does someone have to say that?? If you can't take care of it there are other resources besides an alleyway. I hope they catch the person who did this...maybe someone should break his leg and then dump him in an alley and kick him. If you have any information, I encourage you to click through to the story and read the comment from Robert Fitzgerald, Troy PBA Union President. This has got to stop. It's disgusting.

I agree with Emma 100%. I hope they find that guy and *censored* *censored* *censored* it off and split it *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* force it upside down *censored* *censored* like a pendulum swinging back and forth and *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* *censored* like the holes in swiss cheese *censored* like ten times in a row *censored* jumping jacks *censored* *censored* clown make-up!! Holy hell am I mad.

Im reminded of the time a decade ago when I watched two men turn a gym bag inside out in Washington Park and a cat (or two - cant remember) fell out... Now, I hate cats because Im very allergic to them, so I only politically incorrectly laughed at the sight. Then I figured, well, at least they have a shot at not being turned into Generals Tsao's chicken.... which by the way someone should check into the serial cat disappearences from State and Spring streets... I noticed it when "White Cat" dissapeared then "Osiarious" then ... ask around, youll see a pattern... almost ever tenant neighbor has 'lost" a cat...

As the owner of a previously-abused dog, I commend the woman who found the dog and took him to get help. I will never understand what compels someone harm an animal, especially when it’s so easy to surrender them to a shelter, rescue group, or even find them a new home on Craig’s List. Thank goodness there are people like her, the Troy PBA, and countless others out there speaking up against cruelty and making efforts to stop it.

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