Inside the Global Research Center

GE Global Research video still

GE biologist Fiona Ginty talks about breast cancer research on YouTube.

New to us: GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna has a blog. Some of the entries lean a little toward being too much like press releases, but it's still cool to hear about what's going on at the center.

It looks like an update on a different research project is posted each week. Recent topics have included: "imagination markets," pulsed detonation engines, and breast cancer research.

The blog also has its own YouTube channel. Here's a super slo-mo video of water bouncing off a surface coating inspired by lotus leaves.

screengrab: GE Global Research Blog


I'm in love...

Look like there are some rings on her finger there, Withheld. Sorry. However, I found the framing in the Breast Cancer Awareness video quite appropriate for the subject, and some of the "related videos" YouTube pulled up were... intriguing.

The dormant science nerd in me thinks that the bouncing water clip was very cool, and who says science isn't cool? As a cub scout some strings were pulled through one of the other kid's dads, and my den got to tour the Niskayuna facility that was known as GE R&D in those days. In retrospect, I think it was an amazing opportunity that few get because of the security there. Among other things, I got to see Irving Languir's Nobel medal, the press that made the first synthetic diamonds, an early prototype of a CAT scanner, and a firing range demonstration of bullet proof plastic. I remember getting some really cool souvenirs to take home. Since then I've long wondered about the magic being created in those labs. Now I know, so thanks for the tip!

It's Irving Langmuir as i the Langmuir equation.

oooh, nerdgasm!

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