Soda tax losing its fizz?

can of cokeAccording to a Quinnipiac poll out today, public opinion has shifted a little more against David Paterson's proposed tax on sugared soda.

The Q Poll reports that respondents now oppose the tax 64 - 32 percent -- that's up from 60 - 37 almost a month ago. Or, as the Q Poll's Maurice Carroll put it: "One month after Gov. David Paterson rolled out his 'Fat Tax' proposal, and one week after he gave it a big push in his State of the State message, opposition is growing weightier instead of slimmer." (Those pollsters never miss a chance.)

There also seems to be a bit of split on the tax according to level of education. People with a college degree oppose the soda 57 - 40, while people without a degree oppose it 68 - 28.

A few other tidbits about New York State from this poll after the jump.

+ 53 percent of respondents approve of the job David Paterson is doing

+ Only 28 percent approve of the job the legislature is doing

+ 80 percent support a new tax on incomes of million or more a year as a way to help balance the budget

+ 69 percent are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the state

+ 92 percent say the economy here is either "not so good" or "poor"

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during a recession, everybody should be forced to sacrifice some luxuries. soda is definitely not a necessity- it has absolutely nothing that anybody could ever be dependent upon-and i'm glad the state is planning on taxing luxuries like coke instead of hiking income taxes.

BLARRGGGGHHH!!! the majority opposition to the soda tax is mind boggling..last I checked a) no one is "lecturing people" on what they can, and can't eat/drink by taxing soda, b) soda is not a necessity in anyone's life nor is anyone forcing people to buy it, thus imposing this "unfair" tax and c) there is a perfectly good drink out there for FREE!!! it's called (wait for it) ...WATER! And according to some yearly competition, you can even get the best tasting water in the New York State in Albany! (put THAT on a t-shirt!) Advice to all soda tax haters: get a REAL problem and shut the hell up already...

@ Rebecca.. right on!

Its strange to see how soda has made its way into everyday life. When I was a kid, we got to drink soda on two occasions only: 1) at McDonalds - we used to go once a month after church, if we behaved - it was a BIG DEAL! and 2) at a summer picnic - someone would have a HUGE cooler full of soda, and you got YOUR OWN CAN!! (No sharing necessary, it was truly amazing.) Now, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a soda vending machine.

Please do not fall for the "Water is Free" element. The fat tax aside, water is not free. We all pay for it, it is suppled by the Albany Water Board. Homeowners and landlords recieve bills from the Water Board. While the rate for Albany City water is the lowest in Albany County, it is far from free. The only Free water in Albany runs down the street....

all visitors to my house can enjoy all the free Albany tap they want..I will pick up the tab for them...;-)

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