Made to measure suits at Bachrach


Bachrach in Crossgates Mall

By Amy Brozio-Andrews

Just when you thought the mall was the last place you'd find something that wasn't mass-produced, Bachrach, one of the newer men's clothing stores in Crossgates Mall, is offering men's made to measure suits starting at $498.

So what's made to measure all about and why should you care?

Well, because Tim Gunn (of "Project Runway" fame) says so: The biggest fashion foibles people commit have nothing to do with fashion, but with fit. Most people's clothes in are too big or too small."

Made to measure means you won't have to worry about wearing a suit where you had to settle. When you make an appointment for your made to measure suit, you'll be able to choose from a selection of 100% wool fabric swatches for your suit, anything from solids to stripes to windowpane to tone on tone. All buttons are functional (no "just for decoration" buttons at the cuffs of your suit jacket) and your jacket is initialed on the inside. The appointment generally takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get all your measurements and preferences down and you'll get to choose from a variety of options, including:

- style -- one, two, or three button jacket, double breasted
- lapels -- notched or peaked
- buttons -- what kind, the buttonhole styles and button placement styles (did you know that the ones that kind of overlap each other are called "kissing" buttons?)
- vents
- pleats
- pockets -- one or two, straight or slanted, patch or jetted or flap
- lining -- half or full
- stitching -- choose between two styles and choose contrasting stitching for buttonholes if you like (the display suit was really classy-looking, a soft gray with pale blue contrasting stitching on the buttonholes -- it looked fabulous!)

If your measurements fall into the "big and tall" category, you can expect to add about $100 to the price; the price also goes up as the quality of the fabric you choose goes up. Once you've made your choices, all made to measure suits must be paid for in advance and are usually read for pick up in 14 to 16 days and your suit will fit like a glove.

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I've always found the clothes in here to be shapeless and made of ugly fabrics and patterns lacking style. Maybe it's the affordability that attracts the customers.

While I can't vouch for these guys, if you have never had a made to measure suit (or even better, shirts), it is a true luxury in clothing. It makes you look and feel amazing. I sooo miss my made to measure suits from when I lived in the UK that I left behind 25lbs ago...

There used to be a great tailor in downtown Troy who made them as well, but he's long gone.

My boy got an awesome custom-made suit through a Thailand-based Web site. You pick out the designs from their selections and take the requested measurements, pick out the fabrics, and voila! I think his cost under $300 and it's really nice.

Tailored, bespoke clothes are wonderful and classy, but they come with a significant lifestyle choice. You have to knock off the weekly donuts and ice cream routine because, after all, your suit has your initals on it.

Wasn't the Hong Kong Tailors business offering a sale on suits? Lots of fabric choice and great work.

It was something like $1100 for 2 suits. Not sure if it's very cheap, but seems kind of on par if $500 is the starting point here, too.

Call me crazy, but I'd rather just get a suit from Joseph A Banks. Their sales are amazing, and I do believe that tailoring is free. My father, a big and tall man himself, has never had an issue with a suit not fitting right. They also will order him pretty much anything. Even when they run their sales. They definitely take the time to get measurements and mark where the suit needs to be let out or in. They also get it done in a few days. Like the one time my Dad needed an emergency new suit for a trip he had to make. Took 'em three days for the tailoring.

My name is Glenn and I am the manager of the Bachrach Menswear store in Crossgates Mall. I would like to thank Ms. Brozio-Andrews and All Over Albany for this informative article that appeared on your website.

We opened our first store in upstate NY here in Albany on October 23rd of 2007. Our company operates over 40 stores in major metropolitan markets across 13 states. We have been in business for over 133 years. Our advertising relies solely on word of mouth via our loyal repeat customer following.

Bachrach specializes in men's clothing based on a European fashion aesthetic. Our new product mix is being built primarily on our custom clothing (suits, tuxedos, shirts, pants) and our suit-separates, designer brand denim and new designer sportswear, shoes and accessories.

Right now we are in the process of liquidating much of our current inventory (at incredible savings) to introduce new designs you would find in larger metropolitan markets like NYC and LA. We take seriously our customers need to be confident with their desired look and proper fit.

We stand behind each garment purchased whether off the rack or custom made. I invite you to a private one on one appointment or stop in at your convenience. We would be honored to help you.

Well, I just recently ordered a MTM suit from Bachrach and they informed me that it would take about 3 weeks to complete. We are on week 5 and I was informed on Friday that my order MAY or MAY NOT be filled. Btw, the suit I ordered is for my WEDDING which is taking place in August. SO I hope that Bachrach can live up to their commitment!

Unfortunately, Bachrach filed for Chapter 11 a few weeks back and is now under the management of the courts. Retailers have been hit hard during this economic downturn. In the last 6 months, Albany has seen three major menswear stores either close or are in the process of closing. Christophers in Colonie Center is closed, S&K is going through liquidation and soon Bachrach will be following suit. There are also smaller, not as well known local mens clothing stores that have gone quietly into the night.

Mens clothing is not the only retailer in trouble. I can name at least a dozen others whose fates are similar. It's a bit scary to think we might soon have but a few choices where we will purchasing our goods. But as long as the buying public keep shopping the Walmarts of the area, the smaller chains and the mom & pops will be a memory. Much like the corner grocer, pharmacy, butcher, baker, etc...,,,,,,

great post, completely sad and 100% true, dont forget to mention ebay and the loads of people on there selling stolen goods for half retail

I was employed with bachrach aboutr a year ago. They offered some nice fitted designed suits and a great assortment of styles for men. The only downfall was that their compensation package was very poor. I hear lately that they are in the process of liquidating most of their stores and the employees are not receiving their payroll on time.

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