Questions for Shawn Morris

shawn morris cropWe have an interview scheduled tomorrow with Albany Common Council President Shawn Morris. She recently announced that she's running for mayor.

We have a bunch of questions for her and we thought you might, too. Got something you'd like us to ask? Post the question in the comments, please.


Ask her if she's interested in making this city more bike friendly, and what measures she might promote to do so.

Or just ask her what her favorite thing about Corey Ellis is.

This may sound harsher than I intend it to but I'm about 2 cups of coffee behind my daily schedule today. My question would be: Having been part of the Albany political scene for at least 15 years, do you believe you can bring fresh, new ideas to the table that will benefit the city? Also, if you had to name your top 3 accomplishments, what would they be?

I want to know what her plans are for making Albany safer, especially Arbor Hill and the student ghetto.

yes, *how* exactly is she going to reduce crime. beat cops? how about a residency requirement for city employees? more programs for kids and parents?

what does she think about the convention center? i know unions are important and people need jobs right now, but is this something that will actually make albany money, or suck it away in the future? seems like a boondoggle to me. can't that money be better spent on infrastructure, schools, safety?

how has she demonstrated leadership? (looking for something other than CC president, which is not an issue-advancing position, and she certainly hasn't used it as such.)

1. I second both of Emma's questions, spot on!

2. I amend Siobhan's. With the murder of Richard Baliey and the increasing number of violent muggings and robberies in Pine Hills/up-town, I would like to know what her plans are for making the WHOLE city safer. Personally I feel like for so many years the City has been targeting the "problem areas" and we can now see that not only has that not been effective in curbing crime in those areas but that crime has spiked in "good neighborhoods."

3. I want to know what she plans on doing about vacant buildings. I want to know if her plan is centered on rehabilitation and renovation (obviously done properly and observant of their historic character!!) or if she will continue the current policy of just tearing down anything that looks "bad."

4. I want to know if she will kick the City's and the Downtown BID's butt in gear and get retail downtown. And by retail I mean business who do not sell food or alcohol. Also business which would actually be open longer than the state workers are there.

5. I want to know what she plans on doing about the hundreds of children who have nothing to do after school. Children who most likely will occupy that time with drugs and crime. Children who most likely will not graduate high school.

That's all I could think of right now.

Please ask Shawn to list more than 3 accomplishments during the past 15 years. In what ways has she stood up to the Jennings administration to make changes for the better in our city?

Crime is more and more evident to Pine Hills residents. If she were mayor right now, what would she be doing?

Why is the Convention Center a good idea for Albany - convince me -- I'm pretty sure she supports it. If not, I withdraw my question.

What administrators would she want replaced at City Hall? (Maybe that's really a tough question to answer without causing her real political problems.)

Why does she believe that she is the better candidate than Corey Ellis? He would bring a newer view than she does.

What does Shawn see as the City's biggest problems that need immediate attention?

What are Albany's assets that should be enhanced/highlighted/improved?

What would she do as Mayor about the over abundance of charter schools in Albany?

Sarah just made me think of something. Is she runs, and corey runs, the anti-establishment vote gets split and Jennings wins (not that he won't win anyway). Ask her how she feels about this? Then, call her Nader or accuse her of running a campaign approved and supported by a clandestine political wing of the Jennings administration. Then throw a pie in her face.

Could you ask her what her position on residential parking permits is, and if she is in favor of that could you ask her if she would be able to have her husband work to see it passed both houses and signed into law...

What changes will we see in the Delaware Avenue and South End neighborhoods if she is elected?

Please ask her what her vision would be for the soon-to-be vacant St. Teresa's Parish buildings along New Scotland Avenue and whether she will commit to involving the local neighborhood associations in any efforts by the City to facilitate their re-use.

Given the controversial candidacy of Marlon Anderson, what is her official opinion on fat chicks?

Sarah took all of my questions--so I'll have to just point up and say "what she said!" :)

Since Abandoned Buildings are turned over to the County for auction, I would ask her how she plans on holding Albany County more accountable for the over 800 abandoned buildings in this city.

Is she prepared to handle the rigorous tanning bed regimen required of Albany mayors? How would she augment her wardrobe to bring out her skin's new mayoral orange tone?

Does she honestly believe that the Mayor's office should have an 'open door policy'? Considering the current restrictions came into place after assaults that occurred in New York's City Hall, how does she contend that she can maintain the safety of the persons who work for the City of Albany? (herself included)

Ask her about Albany's gang problem (you know, the one Jerry and DA Soares won't admit exists) and see what she plans to do about it.

@ Frank - Have you been to City Hall recently? There's a metal detector/ security entrance that visitors must walk through - I don't believe Ms. Morris plans on getting rid of that -- just the sign on the Mayor's Office door - because of what it symbolizes.

Thanks for all the questions. We talked with her this afternoon. We hope to have something about -- with video -- next week.

Leah- I have. But arguing 'symbolism' disregards the ill informed nature of her original plan.

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