Martial law for Schenectady?

zombie police of schenectadySchenectady city officials have been talking about just getting rid of the whole police department and starting over. (You know, to take care of the zombie problem.) But what to do in the interim?

Mayor Brian Stratton recently told Capital News 9 that calling in the National Guard and declaring martial law is an option. As you might imagine, that idea set off a few bells for people -- especially people who are concerned about government conspiracies and the "police state."

That led Stratton to issue a letter to Prison Planet, one of the web sites publicizing the story. Stratton says his comments have been "minterpreted." From the letter:

The very fact that many officers in our 166-member police department may choose to retire, leave city employment or seek employment elsewhere were the city to plan to ultimately move to that option, could result in a sudden exodus of personnel. Our responsibility to provide continued public safety through adequate numbers of police officers could mean a temporary assignment of State Police, other local law enforcement personnel, or even state militia only as an emergency and temporary measure until such time as a new department is formed and fully staffed.

Contrary to what your readers may believe, the City of Schenectady is not considering the implementation of martial law as a permanent remedy to the ongoing personnel and administrative problems within our police department. We are addressing those challenges internally, as we continue to investigate all realistic, long-term options available should we decide to dissolve or consolidate the department with another non-military law enforcement agency.

There's a federal law that prohibits the National Guard from being used this way -- though it appears the law doesn't apply when the troops are under the authority of a state's governor. (If you know more about this law, please share.)

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The truth is out there

I'd prefer Martian Law!

Captain Murphy: Until we find the thief, I am declaring Martian law!
Sparks: Um, I think its martial law.
Captain Murphy: Silence! Under Martian law... uh... what are my powers, exactly?
Sparks: Under martial law, you could suspend habeas corpus, empower a posse comitatus...
Captain Murphy: That's crap. Mars is wild, untamed. I'm forming a cadre of Martian knights charged with enforcing Martian law.

So he's not proposing to get rid of the whole department or is he? I'm all about a fresh start, but this is taking it to an extreme. There is something to be said for longevity. But then again, I don't know how bad it is in Schenectady.

I would suggest trashing the entire police department and hiring super heroes.

I've never been pulled over by a tank before, but I suppose there's a first time for everything.

Parts of the story you haven't read and a response from Mayor Stratton at (scroll down, as of 2 AM Tuesday it was story #9

Vote Tedisco!

@Mark Williams
Tedisco isn't even gonna vote Tedisco, why should anyone else?

Metroplex is our last line of defense against Decepticons, martial law, and the Tedisco Campaign.

There is a fairly comprehensive discussion here on fighting zombies:

The site also has a lot of valuable information on surviving a zombie incident.

Search the keywords martial, law, and Schenectady on You Tube for much hilarity.

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