State worker layoffs planned as budget gap grows, Tedisco-Murphy debate, Wellington demolition begins, converting ounces to grams

There were two (gulp!) developments yesterday regarding the state budget. First, state leaders announced the projected budget gap for the next fiscal year is now $16.2 billion -- $2 billion more than earlier projections. And then the Paterson administration announced it plans to cut nearly 9,000 state jobs in an effort to save almost $500 million over two years. [TU] [TU]

A state Inspector General's investigation has concluded that a group of Pataki political appointees in the state Department of Taxation and Finance got themselves into protected civil service jobs by tailoring tests and job requirements specially for their own resumes. [TU]

Andrew Cuomo says he's planning to run for re-election as state Attorney General next year -- not governor. "I'm very happy being the attorney general," Cuomo told the crowd last night at a public forum in Schenectady. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy argued about the definition of pork during their debate last night (full video). (Debate analysis from Bob Conner at Planet Albany.) Earlier in the day they were talking up voters in Saratoga County. And in an email that went out this morning, Barack Obama endorsed Murphy. [TU] [WNYT] [Saratogian] [HuffPo]

According to an analysis by the Capital District Regional Planning Commission, the 2007 property tax rate per $1000 of home value for Schenectady was $49, for Albany $33 and for Saratoga Springs $18. [TU]

The tentative budget for the Enlarged School District of Troy includes an "undisclosed" number of job cuts. The district's three unions recently declined a request to forgo a pay increase this year. [Troy Record]

Albany's consistently troubled New Covenant charter school has been given a one year extension by the State University of New York board of trustees. [TU]

Demolition has begun on the row of buildings that includes the Wellington Hotel on State Street in Albany. [TU]

Just in case you're ever called for jury duty: one ounce is roughly 29 grams. [TU]


GloFo released new renderings of the chip fabrication HQ of our Tech Vallies.

Of Concern:

1. Every employee will drive vehicles unsuitable for winter weather and will be required to wash all road salt off before entering the parking lot.

2. No flagpoles. United States, New York State, or Abu Dhabi

Google says "1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams", it wouldn't lie right?

I completed the WYNT debate. The only things I learned was that Murphy fears Mama Tedisco's longevity and Jim envies tall people.

An easy way to remember that one ounce is 28 grams it to remember that 3.5 grams is an eighth (plus it will help you from getting shortchanged!)

Mr. Paterson, why are you so hellbent on having everyone hate you? I was your very last solitary supporter up until you announced this plan to ax 9,000 State jobs. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to find a new BFF. I'm totally blocking you on facebook.

PS- please give me back my short shorts. You don't have the legs for them anyway.


ParcBench featured a pretty decent article on the race today

Scott Murphy is going to rubber stamp all the bills that Nancy Pelosi tells him to.

He’s a product of a Washington DC slick campaign with nice commercials but don’t get
fooled folks. He’ll vote yes for the mortgage bailout bill and yes on a second stimulus package.

The people who got us into this mess with AIG was Barney Frank and Dodd, and it was rushed
through without thought and voted on. Exactly what Scotty Murphy did when he said he’d vote
for the first stimulus bill without reflecting on it or reading the bill.

I’m voting Tedisco for congress for fiscal responsibility.

Let’s see if the times union does it’s job and asks Murphy about this.

Scott Murphy for Congress truth about bonuses

Scott Murphy for Congress tax problem

Scott Murphy for Congress against death penalty


That's $210,000 for the next 2 years. We're half way there and only one person had to go, and he went voluntarily!!

Yeah, I know, probably doesn't work that way. :-/

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