Suit filed against Metroland for $65 million

metroland logoNXIVM, the controversial executive training program in Colonie, has filed a lawsuit against Metroland, according to documents posted by Courthouse News. The suit seeks $65 million in damages.

The suit alleges that Metroland "conspired" with one of NXIVM's critics to publish false information about the organization in a story published last year (scroll to the bottom). The suit also alleges that NXIVM has "experienced a drop-off of business and loss of profit" because of the Metroland article. In addition to the $65 million, the suit is also seeking to have the article pulled from Metroland's website.

The Albany Student Press was the first place we saw mention of this lawsuit. It reports that Metroland's publisher, Stephen Leon, says that NXIVM's case is not strong and the weekly hasn't been served with the lawsuit, yet.

NXIVM is affiliated with the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, the organization that's bringing the Dalai Lama to Albany in April.



Yes, I'm sure they've "experienced a drop-off of business and loss of profit" because of the article... not because of the state of the economy.

I imagine that when a company is doing badly, the first thing they'd nix is the executive motivational retreats...

Newspapers have it hard enough already...and the thought that we could lose something as valuable as the Metroland over a rediculous lawsuit by this rediculous company makes me crazy!

Those people are nuts. Uh-oh! I may have just inflicted $100,000 worth of damages...

The whole concept of trying to *collect* $65M from Metroland is pretty incredible in and of itself.

I actually sat down and read the whole complaint. It's really reaching. But hey, if you are going to sue, sue big and try to intimidate.

Can't wait to see it tossed.

I met Raniere years ago when he was starting his Consumer Buyline scheme, one of his people saw me as a potential mark and arranged a meeting over coffee. I told him then that what he was doing was an illegal pyramid, and his main spiel was that he was one of the brightest men in America and of course it was all legal, and how could I doubt his brilliance? Numerous state's attorneys general agreed with me in the end. When it was clear that I wasn't biting, he made one of his followers pay for his coffee, because Mr. Third Highest IQ in America forgot to bring his wallet!

They call him Vanguard. The whole NXIVM and Consumer Buyline story is readily available from a Google search, and somewhere in between they had some kind of MLM vitamin club as well. Anyone going to see the Dalai Lama, be advised to keep your BS detectors cranked up to 11. This whole thing smells of recruitment, and His Holiness is just the unwitting bait.

...really? If you had posted this on Thursday, I'd be convinced it was an April fools joke.

Wait... aren't these the same people that tried to launch 10C in Troy? The Ally Mack/Nikki Clyne people? I have to say, if they're a cult, they did a bad job at brainwashing me. I still have dirty thoughts.

65 million is greater than the market value his holiness could command from being kidnapped!

Are any journalistic awards issued to articles/authors that attract the largest lawsuits? That would be an interesting measure. I would read them all.

You are nobody until someone sues you. Nice job, Metroland.

How do you pronounce NXIVM anyway? I keep wanting to say "En-fourteen-em."

From everything I've seen, it's pronounced like "nexium."

Yep, the purple pill.

I must say that I was impressed with Chet Hardin's atricle on Terra Nova Church back when..thing is he interviewed all the pastors and people involved and came to services to first hand check it..I believe he did none of this with the Nxivm article..I was moved to write to him on that issue when the articla came out.

And how they have escaped the wrath of some pharma lawyer totally escapes me.

NXIVIM and Metroland are both cults. :)

Hey John

Maybe you just dont like the spin of his NXIVM work?

After all, there are some allegations out there that there is a connection between NXIVM and your little Jee-zus Society over there on River Street.

Also: I know there was at least one NXIVM event that took place in Revolution Hall during your reign...

Care to comment on that?

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