Paterson to introduce same-sex marriage bill, Gillibrand's absentee ballot challenged, Dalai Lama visit back on, "tea party" in Corning Preserve, local professor salaries ranked

David Paterson reportedly plans to introduce legislation on Thursday that would make same-sex marriage legal in New York State. Paterson says allowing same-sex marriage is "the only ethical way to treat people who want to live together in peace under the civil law." A similar bill has passed the Assembly in previous years, but stalled in the state Senate. Democrats now hold a 32-30 majority in the state Senate, but four Senate Dems say they won't support the bill. The state Senator who plans to sponsor the bill says he thinks some Republicans may cross the aisle to support the measure. [NYT] [AP/Daily Gazette] [NYP] [TU]

The Tedisco campaign has challenged Kirsten Gillibrand's absentee ballot for the 20th Congressional District special election. A Tedisco campaign lawyer said Gillibrand, who appeared in the area with Scott Murphy, should have voted at her polling place in Columbia County. Gillibrand called the challenge "frivolous and without merit." The Tedisco campaign has been focusing their ballot challenges on people who may live part-time in the district, including students from schools such as Skidmore. A attorney for the Murphy campaign says the Tedisco campaign is basing its challenges on whether "the person is likely to vote Democratic." [TU] [Saratogian/Troy Record] [HuffPo] [PolitickerNY] [NYT]

The unofficial count from the NYS Board of Elections had Murphy up 47 votes on Tedisco at the end of yesterday. [NYS BoE]

Albany mayor Jerry Jennings says rumors that he was not going to run for re-election this year were "wishful thinking." He's expected to officially announce his re-election bid next week. [TU]

It looks like the Dalai Lama is coming to Albany, afterall. The Buddhist spiritual leader is now scheduled to appear at The Palace Theater on May 6. [Metroland] [TU]

David Paterson and his wife reported $287,567 of gross income this year on their tax return. After catching criticism for contributing $150 to charity last year, the Patersons this year donated more than $10k in cash to 10 different non-profits. [TU] [NYT] [CapNews9]

The Enlarged City School District of Troy is planning to cut more than 60 full-time-equivalent jobs in order to cover its budget gap. The district offered a no-layoffs pledge to its unions in return for a pay freeze, but the unions declined the offer. [Troy Record]

One of Albany County DA David Soares' top aides has been suspended. The aide was at the center of a county comptroller's audit that criticized the DA's office for fiscal mismanagement. [TU]

The plans for an intermodal rail facility in Halfmoom include 24/7 service for trains that could be as long as 1.5 miles. [Daily Gazette]

Downtown Troy is getting new traffic lights. [Troy Record]

There's a "Tax Day Tea Party" protest/event planned for the Corning Preserve today. You might have to bring your own tea, though. [Troy Record] [Kaitlyn Ross]

Bottles of blue liquid have been appearing at public places around the Capital Region lately -- and it may be part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for a film shot in Schenectady. Or not. Whatever the reason, the liquid so far has apparently been harmless. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

The City of Troy is being sued for ripping the marquee off the Cinema Art adult theater in 2006. [TU]

According to a survey by AAUP, RPI has the highest average salary in the Capital Region for full professors and Russell Sage College the lowest. [TU]


I was terribly disgusted by the comments that Sen. Diaz made (as quoted in the TU article). It is quite obvious that all he cares about is the next election and he is not working for the people in his district or the state of NY overall. Saying that Gov. Paterson is hurting Senate Democrats in the 2010 election is absurd and disgusting. Is that all he cares about? This is about making NY a better place for people to live...not about winning the next f'in election. He embodies the "typical" politician and gives those that want to make a difference a bad name.

The pics coming out from today's tea party will be priceless.

The domain: is available for purchase. The dude doing the blue bottles might want to skip his next delivery and snap that up instead, etc.

Off to the Corning Preserve for me, camera in hand...

Just got back from the tea party. The people there were complaining that their under 12 year old kids dirt bikes were made with lead and are now banned because of a new bill, and this is un-American. I promptly left, because it seemed like a bunch of crazy libertarians.

One last thing, the Dalai Llama canceled his visit because NXIVM, now he is coming because their leader is using another of his companies to bring him in?!

Read this:

At precisely 11:40 this morning while WGY was similcasting a live speech from the Preserve of the Tea Parties, the station broke for a LASIX commercial right at the creshendo moment.

Live free or die trying. long as the tea party is not followed by a lemon party...

For a bunch of people who are supposedly making a stand for what they believe in, an awful lot of them don't want their pictures taken. I got several shots of people's backs. I guess wearing bandannas or masks would have looked just too crazy, not that the "ATLAS HAS SHRUGGED" sign wasn't.

Fun times, A++++ would lol again.

@B- You are so right about the bit on lead in the kiddie motocross death machines. Guy had a major chip on his shoulder. I heard it on the radio, but I could imagine most folks present were like, huh?

@B: will you be linking to what pics you did manage to get?

Yep, have to wait until I get home from work to sort through (took about 100) and upload them, but I will drop a link. Then off for another photo excursion... I'm telling you, -S is killing me with all this, at least I don't have to hold a reflector this time (hopefully you can get to that photo).

Some pics here, by chimpmitten:

As promised...

Thanks for the sets. I browsed them both. @B - My favorite caption: Uncle Sam came all the way from Troy.

Jeff, he was very concerned that I got a good photo of him. When I told him I made sure to get the flag in the background he was very happy. There was a range of reactions people had to getting their photos taken, but the average feeling was "disgruntled".

That just seems funny to me. "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Look at my sign! Grrr!!! O No- don't take my picture!"

I'm still undecided if Uncle Sam's local heritage was a blessing or a curse.

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