Irish Toast at The Miss Albany Diner

Irish Toast

MAD Irish Toast at The Miss Albany

By Amy Brozio-Andrews

So by now it's no secret that I like my french toast. But here's the thing about french toast at the Miss Albany Diner -- I can get it with a little side of nostalgia.

This old pre-fab diner was built by Silk City in New Jersey and delivered to Broadway in Albany in 1941. The counter tops, the stools, the train car feel all take you back.

And with dishes like Spam and Eggs, so will the menu. But my personal fav at the Miss Albany is the MAD Irish Toast.

At $10.75, MAD Irish Toast is not a cheap treat but it sure is filling.

It's a thick layer of cream cheese mixed with a liberal helping of pecans, sandwiched between two slabs of challah french toast and topped with an Irish whiskey/butterscotch sauce.

The sweetness of the sauce is tempered by the cream cheese, and the pecans give a nice contrast to the soft bread and filling. If you like the Almond Joy French Toast at Mike's Diner, this is just as filling but not nearly as sugary.

The diner's open for breakfast and lunch only (they close at 2:15 p.m.) and closed Mondays (but if a holiday falls on a Monday, they're open).

Bring cash. In vintage diner style they don't take credit or debit cards. But here's a new fangled twist -- they do have free wifi so feel free to pack the laptop.

Find It

Miss Albany Diner

893 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207

(518) 465-9148

Tuesday - Sunday


I think my blood sugar levels are still high from two bites I had of that Irish French toast a year ago. It's THAT sweet.

The Rocky Mountain High, though (two eggs and bacon nesting on slices of corn bread, snuggled under a thick layer of cheddar-jalapeno sauce)--that'll fill you up without causing tooth decay. It will cause cankles, though.

Had it once, couldn't finish it (and boy, I can eat sweets all day). It's certainly good, but really really rich, I think my dentures exploded.
Here is another photo at Alex & Cati's blog, alongside the MAD eggs (my fav).

MAD Irish Toast is one of my favorite things there.

Miss Albany Diner is really delicious.

Rotten teeth or cankles...I can't decide which is worse. Perhaps I'll have to sample both the french toast and the rocky mountain high. I'll get back to you on this matter.

There is hardly better breakfast to be had. My personal favorite? The Smokin Benny, 2 eggs on a butterflied english muffin with a Gouda cheese sauce... yummmmm

You know what's weird about Miss Albany Diner; the million little notes they have posted EVERYWHERE reminding you of their various rules and other diner etiquette. It's not that have any qualms with, or problems following, any specific rules; but it always makes me feel I'm being treated like a child when every time I turn my head I'm being told how I should and should not be behaving myself.

I knew I'd be in the minority on the Miss Albany Diner's "Irish" french toast. I ordered it last year because I heard it was so famous---and found it virtually inedible. The cream cheese filling is just a pile of goo. I had to scrape it out. The Irish whiskey sauce is okay (too sweet), but the cream cheese filling is disgusting. I really like good french toast (w/real maple syrup), but these versions tarted up like desserts appeal only to the sweet tooth. I'm being a food snob here, but I don't think anyone who really appreciates good food would like a plate full of goo.


Went there recently for the first time and got the garden omelet. The horseradish sauce on top was amazing! (but I've never seen an omelet so stuffed with veggies before - there must have been a whole tomato, a whole onion, and most of a zucchini inside - too much for me to finish).

The MAD eggs (with the curry sauce) were amazing as well. Definitely worth checking out if you've never been there before.

Does anyone know how their waffles are? I was tempted to get waffles but went with the omelet instead...

I'm not so much a fan of the sweet breakfast - I'm a savory girl myself. I always get either the homemade bangers and eggs or the garden omelet at MAD. Last time I was there, my boy bravely ventured for the eggs haizlip, which involve sardines, some sort of mustard sauce and some other stuff. I watched in awe. Nothing says "hot" to me like a man who will try eating almost anything.

Miss Albany is disgusting. The food swims in pools of grease and is served at room temp. I haven't eaten there in several years so maybe they have changed but I kinda doubt it. There is a collection of Albany chefs who feel the same way but do not speak out because of professionalism. I do hope they are better than they were ( they couldn't be worse)

Oh, that last comment is sad. I ate there a couple weekends ago and it was delicious- gourmet, interesting menu, nice twists on traditional diner dishes. There was no pool of grease on my plate, I assure you. The food was hot, service was friendly, and the place was full of history. I recommend everyone check it out for themselves! (Although the booths and doors won't accommodate people on the larger side...)

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