Chowing down on Dinosaur in Troy

Dino plate

Dinner in the park.

We headed over to Riverfront Park in Troy for last night's Dinosaur Bar-B-Que benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was a good time -- good food, good music and good weather.

After seeing the crowd and talking to a few people, we think the Dinosaur really is coming to the Capital Region. The reasons why -- and a bunch of pictures -- are after the jump.

We don't have an official word that it's happening -- it's just speculation. But the signs all seem to be pointing to a Troy Dino.

Dino serving

First off, this event got a big crowd. It was originally slated to serve 500 people, but we heard the count was closer to 600. And it's not like it was a cheap outing -- tickets were $18.

Second, the location on the river in Troy makes too much sense. Despite whatever bad mojo might be leftover from Fresno's, the building is in a great spot on the Hudson. We talked with a few Dino employees who were checking out the site after the event. They seemed to be marveling a little bit at the building's riverside deck, ample space and abundant parking (the Dino's Syracuse location -- awesome joint that it is -- has none of those things).

And third, it sounds like the people involved want it to happen. We talked with Troy mayor Harry Tutunjian for a few minutes last night. He said the Dinosaur's owner wants to acquire the old Fresno's -- but the deal is hung up on some back taxes and property liens. The mayor cautioned that it's not an officially done deal, but he said they were hopeful the lawyers could work things out eventually.

Let's hope they do because the Dino makes some seriously good food.

Oh, right... about the food. How was it last night? Pretty good. We gotta say it wasn't quite as good as what you might get in one of the regular locations, but it did the job -- especially when you consider they were feeding people out of trailers in a park. The selection was very limited -- everyone got ribs, chicken, cole slaw, beans and corn bread (alas, we couldn't have our favorite "Cuban" sandwich -- pulled pork, ham, cheese, garlic pickles). The ribs were tender but still a little firm. The chicken was really nice -- juicy and smoky. There was just enough sauce (and you could add more if you're a sauce person). The cole slaw was crunchy. The beans were beans. And the cornbread might have been a touch dry. But again, all things considered -- it was a good meal.

Ask a hundred people about what makes for good barbecue and you'll get a hundred (mostly different) answers. But we gotta think that pretty much everyone would agree that Dinosaur is good stuff -- maybe not your absolute favorite -- but definitely high quality.

Dino truck

Dino long line
The line moved slowly -- the wait was 20-30 minutes at one point.

Dino cooks

Dino cooks and lines

Dino pink
The all important pink from the smoke.

Dino Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe played in the nearby amphitheater.


I got there around 5:40 and didn't get my food till almost 7. They had some serious issues going on, not the least of which was that after they took your tickets, the line split into two, and one line moved while the other one (the one I was unfortunate to get stuck in) just kind of sat around and went NOWHERE.

Other than that, it was great. Good food, beautiful day to be out by the river, and good tunes playin while I waited in line.

So, to anyone that has had both Capital-Q and Dinosaur, what are your thoughts? I have had both, and I think Capital-Q absolutely takes it. This is not to say DInosaur is bad at all, but Capital-Q is just so great.

A Dinosaur BBQ would make the members of the local Hell's Angels chapter in Troy salivate with desire.

I've heard HR's "beat our meat" BBQ is better then them all. T

Despite the wait I was really pleased with the food. I thought the only bad part were the classy folks who left their garbage all over the base of the Vietnam war memorial statue. Is it really that hard to walk 25 yards to a garbage can?

This was my first taste of the Dinosaur ever, and I enjoyed it. I am a sauce person and thought it was tasty. I actually like the beans the most, something about the spices that made them better than normal baked beans.

@bk I always/only get the Okie Pulled Pork from Capital-Q, which I would've loved to try from Dinosaur, but I thought both sauces were comparable to each other.

Hope all works out for the Dinosaur BBQ to come to Troy. When it does I am heading to Albany to visit relatives.

No one is mentioning Pig Pit BBQ in Cohoes??? How does Dino compare to PPBBQ?

I am a die hard Capital Q fan. I think it is some of the best food in the Albany area.

That said BBQ on the river would be totally sweet. I'm looking forward to when the lawyers have done their thing and Dinosaur moves into Fresno's.

As they say in High School Musical, "I [heart] Troy".

I don't get the big deal about Dinosaur. My sister lives in Rochester and took me last summer. (YAWN) Giffy's is better. Shane's Rib Shack is much better.

@Daniel B I freakin' love that you just quoted High School Musical. Kudos to you.

Aside from the derth of chicken that lead to me waiting 40 minutes (and I was at the head of the line when they ran out at 7:20ish) it was a good time. They couldn't have asked for a better day and since most people parked in the Fresno's parking lot and walked down into the park, I think we proved they couldn't have a better location. The ribs were out of this world.

How's the celery seed content on the coleslaw? Some, lots, none? That's always a big factor for me.

to be honest, i've eaten at both dinosaur in syracuse and capital q in albany, and i think capital q is better. dinosaur is not bad, but i don't understand the hype. capital q makes more interesting bbq, i'd say.

I've been going to Dino BBQ in Syracuse for years and have come to the conclusion that the best item they have going on for them is their bbq chicken (and those crazee bbq beans!). The ribs and brisket are nothing to rave about, but they get the job done. Dino BBQ is more about hype, but then again, hype sells.

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