Ambulance crew was going to take even longer route, H1N1 case in Albany County, Bronx terror informant was also Albany informant, turkey hunter charged, Troy co-op nears first goal

Recordings of dispatch communications indicate that the ambulance sent to transport the Albany boy who ran his bike into a car -- and later died -- had originally planned to take an even longer route to the scene of the accident. As it was, the Mohawk ambulance arrived on the scene 25 minutes after the call. Mohawk has yet to address why it didn't call for outside help in making the transport. [WNYT] [TU]

The state Department of Health reports that there's been a confirmed case of the emerging H1N1 flu in Albany County. The case, apparently a relatively mild one, is an adult who works in New York City. [NYS] [TU]

The Capital Region's unemployment rate was 6.7 percent last month -- that's up from 4.4 percent a year ago, but down from 7.3 percent in March. [TU] [NYS DoL]

The Saratoga Springs man arrested this week on charges he had a grenade is now under federal investigation after authorities say they found "anti-government materials" in his apartment. "Sources" say the material included a cover a Barack Obama Newsweek cover with a bull's eye on it. The father of the man's girlfriend called the guy "a psychopath." [Daily Gazette] [WNYT] [TU]

Federal stimulus money will be used to fund reconstruction of Route 5 (Central Ave) between Albany and Schenectady. Stimulus money will also fund reconstruction of Rt 2 in Watervliet. Along with other projects, $51 million of federal stimulus spending has been announced for the Capital Region. [Daily Gazette] [Troy Record] [Biz Review]

Troy police intervened with a possibly suicidal man after the Los Angeles Police Department alerted them to threats the man made on his MySpace page. [Troy Record]

The federal information instrumental to the investigation of the Hudson Valley men accused of planning the bombing of a Bronx synagogue was the same informant used in the FBI's 2004 sting at a Central Ave mosque in Albany. Lawyers for the two Albany men snagged in that sting accused of the government of using the informant to entrap their clients. The leader of the Hudson Valley mosque tangentially involved in the Bronx case says the informant showed up in 2007 and "There was just something fishy about him." [TU] [Fox23] [NYT]

The turkey hunter who's accused of mistakenly shooting two men in Colonie last weekend has been charged with assault due to criminal negligence. The hunter reportedly fired after the two men set up turkey decoys and used a turkey call. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

Two state Department of Taxation and Finance employees have been charged in separate cases of accessing confidential info in order to help out friends. [TU]

A woman was convicted of felony assault yesterday for a football-style kick to the groin of an Albany cop outside Oh Bar on Lark Street last year. Her brother, who was also charged but found not guilty, has accused the cops of using anti-gay slurs. [TU]

State officials are urging Hudson River swimmers wash up after exiting the river. [Daily Gazette]

Schuylerville is considering whether it should dissolve itself into the Town of Saratoga. [Saratogian]

Roy McDonald and Tony Jordan are working on a bill that would make mistreatment of race horses a felony. [Saratogian]

The planned Troy food co-op needs about $200k before it can start renovation of its downtown building. [TU]


>A jury acquitted Justin Nisselbeck late Thursday of assaulting a police officer on Lark Street last winter, but his older sister Danielle now faces up to seven years in prison for violently kicking another cop in the groin.

seven years?? that is such bullshit. would they give seven years in prison for kicking an "ordinary" person? what are these people? superior to the rest of the human race?? well, i guess it's because of shit like this that they think and act like they are. why not? they can do no wrong. harass and assault civilians, then ship those civilians off to prison.

the cop punched the kid so hard he actually broke is OWN finger, and knocked the kid out cold. then the KID was charged with assault because the cop broke his own hand.

>Nisselbeck said cops leveled repeated anti-gay slurs against him. Nisselbeck testified that an officer told him outside Oh Bar on Lark Street, to "mind your own faggot business and go back in the bar." Nisselbeck, who is openly gay, said police later asked about his sexual orientation, mocked his pink shirt and told him, "Pose for the picture, faggot."


>District Attorney David Soares issued a statement after the trial. "The officers involved in this case discharged their obligations lawfully and professionally while attempting to deal with an extremely difficult set of circumstances," he stated, adding, "I COMMEND THEM."

My resentment and total disdain for cops is no secret.

Serve and Protect.

I don't understand why anybody would kick a cop in the groin. Unless the cop wasn't a real cop & was one of those stripper cops. And even then, the stripper cop would have to be doing something super crazy like attempting to rob a bank. Although if he were robbing a bank, he'd probably be dressed as a stripper burglar & not a stripper cop. Wait, do they even make burglar outfits for strippers? I should google that. The logic behind my entire argument is hanging in the balance.

>I don't understand why anybody would kick a cop in the groin.

I resist that urge almost everyday.


And people asky why we "need" things like pride parades.

Wow, seeing a side of you I had not seen before Kim. I have seen my share (maybe even more than my share) of the "bad side" of law enforcement officers and make no excuses for bad behavior such as seems evident in this case; however, to put all officers in the same bundle is not really fair. From the vignettes provided in this post it sounds like a volatile situation where the police contributed to the problem...but kicking a cop in the nuts is really just plain stupid under any circumstances. Does it warrant a 7 year sentence? Probably not, and quite likely not what the final determination will be anyway.

>but kicking a cop in the nuts is really just plain stupid under any circumstances.

i disagree, but thats just me. in this case? it sounds pretty warranted.

Amen B!

Yeah, kicking a cop is stupid, but she'll be a hero in prison.

Maybe a holdover from my days as a hippie (yeah, I was one of those) but our approach was generally a bit less physical and while we had our heads and bodies pummeled during demonstrations (been tear gassed, dragged down the street, etc.), fighting back was never an option. Why GIVE them something to charge you with? Out of curiosity Kim, did you happen to witness this particular event or do you have some other personal experience leading to such strongly anti-cop sentiments?

Ha! Has anyone else noticed the Google Ads accompanying this topic? Right now my page has four ads for "Police Schools" and "Police Academies!" "Be a Police Officer" tells one ad.

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