The Ravena Barn flea market

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Everything but the kitchen sink. And maybe that too.

By Jessica Pasko

At first glance the Ravena Barn sort of seems like the place where unwanted items go to die -- a kind of final resting place for chipped plates, old housecoats and an entire collection of appliance how-to manuals long-since parted with their corresponding equipment.

The flea market on Rt. 9w in Ravena is lovingly and colloquially known as "the junk store,"
but I'm pretty confident you could find pretty much anything there. Anything. At. All.

If you're willing to look.

The clientele at this ramshackle market is a mix of locals, genuine shoppers and hipster-types seeking out the bizarre and macabre.

The place is just bursting at the seams with stuff. But be warned that much of this "stuff" is literally junk. Nothing is spared. If a price tag can be put on it, it will probably show up here. I found a large assortment of plungers, empty "collector's edition" soda cans and a large collage that clearly once hung on the wall in some boy named Michael's bedroom.

That said, if you're willing to take the time to look, you'll find some legitimately useful items --- I scored a few terracotta pots for dirt cheap and I spotted the Cuisinart ice cream maker I now own and love for just $8 -- along with some one-of-a-kind cool things and a few things that are definitely just worth gawking at. A friend once found a black velvet painting of Jesus here once. There was still a black velvet piece of a donkey when I visited Saturday, in case you're in the market for your own kitsch.

velvet donkey painting.jpg

While there's a small collection of clothes for sale, I don't suggest putting much time in to searching them. I did like this watermelon-printed shirt (perfect for a summer cruise!) but I'm trying to kick my habit of buying shirts that I will likely never have the occasion to wear just because I think they're funny.

Watermelon Shirt.jpg

On the other hand, I might have to marry the man who can genuinely get away with wearing these fabulous two-tone men's saddle shoes.

saddle shoes.jpg

This set of brown transfer ware dishes are actually quite nice. I tend to prefer the blue or red transfer ware, but these have cool historic scenes on them.

flea market dishes.jpg

Hidden amongst the plethora of figurines (so this is where they all go to!) I also found this funky little owl-bedecked wall plaque.

flea market owl art.jpg

The book section is definitely worth scouring for cool old books, great images to use in art pieces and various old magazines. Copies of National Geographic are just 35 cents. I also managed to find some interesting sounding Soviet-era books, including "A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union." And if you find yourself needing some old sheet music or a gently-used bible, well, they've got that too.

flea market books.jpg

flea market bibles.jpg

Here's the bottom line: Don't go here if you're not willing to do a little digging. The truly cool and unusual stuff is likely to be tucked away in a corner, next to the 8-tracks and the old screwdrivers. But if you're actually willing to spend a little time looking, I'm sure you'll have fun -- and find something you need to take home. This place is also sort of like a museum of American consumption it's worth a gander just for that.

Find It

The Ravena Barn
2532 US Rt. 9W
Ravena, NY 12143

Open 7 days a week
10 a.m. to 4 p.m


I went there years ago and found an old school 70s style mushroom cookie jar exactly like the one we had in my house when I was growing up... very cool.

I'd go back to that flea market but I'm now banned from Ravena :(

Last time I was there, I saw an old oscilloscope for $10. I was tempted because, hey, it's an oscilloscope.

They also have a couple boxes full of postcards, most of them already posted. Your choice: frame and hang them, or read the brief, touching missives and realize the people they were written by and to are probably long dead. Then cry at the reminder of your own mortality.

I should clarify. I didn't buy my ice cream maker at the Flea Market, sadly. It was actually a birthday gift. However, I did spot the exact same model there this past weekend and I highly endorse it.

Alright Lulu, now you have to share with the class.
How exactly did you get yourself banned from Ravena?

Love it. Consider this written down and underlined on my 'list of places to go... soonish'

"I'm pretty confident you could find pretty much anything there. Anything. At. All."

Even Alice?

This place looks amazing! Anyplace that you can find a used copy of "The Silent Miaow" is worth checking out. It will make a great "I've got a Sunday afternoon to kill and less than $20 bucks in my pocket" adventure.

I swear, I heard angels sing when I saw that black velvet donkey picture. I WILL be filling my house with Leisure Time's wares soon!

lulu how do you get banned, I must know because i've actually been stuck there my entire life. I drive by Liesure every day on my way home from work, bought some 45's for my mom's 60th B-Day party for decorations and even donated an entire box of children's books because the Library said they didn't need them. This is quite a store, make sure to ask if they can cut you a deal at the counter too!!! :)

This place rocks and I'm sort of feeling like I should get down there again before the entire town knows about it! I found a small metal vanity chair there for $2. And I buy tons of glassware for about a quarter each. SCORE! Bring wet wipes for's a necessity. Happy Junking!

okay yeah I'm not actually banned from Ravena, but a great deal of my co-workers work there, including one ornery guy who constantly tells me to "stay out of Ravena!" with a few choice swear words mixed in, and he tells me he's gonna "sic the Chief on me" if he catches me down there. :-\

"I'm trying to kick my habit of buying shirts that I will likely never have the occasion to wear just because I think they're funny." @ jess - I have the exact same problem with hats, thought I was the only one.

lulu I don't think Ravena has a chief anymore - the police department merger was a while ago so your safe LOL

Huh. I saw the picture of Velvet Donkey, and my first thought was that it looks oddly similar to a photo I have of my dog Alice.

So yes, Boi-- you CAN find her there.

I used to frequent this place back in my high school days and have been meaning to make another trip I'll have to get my butt down there before all of you pick it over! ;)

Is it really open 7 days a week? Are there generally more vendors there on the weekend, or are the same people there all week?

@Jessica R.

Yes, it's really open 7 days a week. There are no vendors. You will find the same amount of stuff no matter what day you go. It all stays there all the time.

The term "flea market" is a bit of a misnomer in this case.

It's RAVENA. Avoid at all costs.

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