From Saratoga to, uh, Paris

kaitlin cassidyAmong the many young ladies contending for the title of Paris Hilton's new BFF tonight on MTV is Saratoga Springs native Kaitlin Cassidy.

MTV describes the "reality show," Paris Hilton's My New BFF, thusly:

Now 13 girls and one boy are looking to fill the place that Brittany, like Nicole Richie and Britney Spears before her, held in Paris' life. Once again, Paris will put them through rigorous challenges that will test their smarts, wit, loyalty, party skills and, perhaps most importantly, their hotness. Only one of them will be deemed worthy of the ultimate prize: to be introduced by Paris Hilton's as "my new BFF."

"Prize" has become such a complicated term. Here's how Cassidy describes herself on her MySpace page:

I'm Naturally Blonde, with blue eyes, and very petite. I look EXTREMELY young, but I know it will pay off when I'm 30-50 years old and look 20 years younger than everybody else! I've been told that I'm a know-it-all....and now come to think of it after these many years...I guess I am!

An MTV press release proclaims: "She's ready to compete for Paris's friendship... at any cost."

The show debuts tonight at 10 pm. Cassidy told The Saratogian that she tried to mention Saratoga Spring as much as possible during filming.

(Thanks, Michelle!)

photo: MTV


Well, if she doesn't win, she can always compete to become the BFF of my backyard compost pile. It's pretty much the same thing when you stop to think about it.

Tonight at 10? Thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to avoid channel 57.

Someone could have saved Kaitlin a lot of time and effort by letting her know the only thing you need to be Paris Hilton's BFF is an 8-Ball and herpes simplex 2.

Hey, didn't Brody Jenner have a show with the same theme? "We're Just Friends, Mom, I Swear" or something like that. Did that ever end up airing?

Wow. Is this the best that the young people from this area can hope for?

How very proud her parents must be.

Thanks, AOA, for committing to covering the end of the world as we know it. When will the bulldozers arrive to finally bury our sorry culture?

Ha I was waiting for the computer nerd commenters to tear this girl apart. What ever happened to "to each his own"? That girl is sexy and doesn't mind letting people know, what's the big deal? I say good luck to you my friend and hopefully after you win you never come back to miserable Albany, NY.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to look like I'm 10 when I'm 30, although 30 when I'm might be OK..

Uhmmmm.... New BFF?

Isn't the last "F" in BFF stand for "forever?"

@Save the Pine Hills,

I empathize with the "to each his own" attitude, but Paris Hilton is an unapologetic drug user, racist, proud-to-be-stupid-and-irresponsible female chauvinist pig. I think it's perfectly acceptable to rag on someone who aspires to be just like her.

I bet Saratogians haven't been this proud since the drunken horse statue incident.

@ Pantaloons,
Paris is one thing, I suppose I slightly agree with you there. I guess my point is this...if everything about the story were the same except the picture and the picture was of a nerdy, not so good looking girl who, lets say, is into organic foods, I just don't think there would be such a negative reaction like there was.
Who knows maybe something good will come of this, like Kaitlin coming home to write a story on Albany's enlarging gay-media mafia.

Gay-media mafia? What?

"I just don't think there would be such a negative reaction like there was. "

I think the fact that she was chosen to be on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" says more about her than the way she looks.

It's not like this is an article about her fashion which resulted in her being ripped apart because she's pretty.

As a nerdy, not-so-good-looking girl who is into organic foods, I assure you, SPH, that I am made fun of and torn apart on a fairly regular basis so there's no need to worry. Believe me. We are getting our fair share of bashing and likely have been for a long, long time. I'm sure the conventionally pretty girls can take a little bit and handle it.

As Kaitlin Cassidy myself, I actually can be quite nerdy and I'm also ironically into Organic foods!

Kevin Marshall & Pantaloons.....your entitled to your own opinion... however, your opinion makes you look well, stupid. Sorry, but I don't think you have enough experience with Paris Hilton to judge. You shouldn't judge people you don't know. Its quite negative. And that is my opinion, no offense.

Pine Hills: Right on!

Saratoga is my hometown, and I am very proud to have been raised in such a great community. I have much pride in my Saratoga roots. That is all that should matter to anyone.

p.s. that is not at all how I describe myself on my myspace. I just realized the way it looked, put alone on this website so I changed it a bit. But the rest about my personality has been all there. This is nothing about my looks, I have insecurities just like any one else.

I personally want to hear more about this "gay-media mafia." It sounds fun!

Perhaps my calculations about Paris Hilton were incorrect. Perhaps my reasoning was flawed & I have this all wrong. Perhaps she is really a treasure from above, not unlike Mother Teresa or Jesus Christ himself. Pardon me while I retire to my study with only a half glass of brandy. Pardon me while I stare into the mirror, alone, with only my thoughts. Pardon me while I take a long walk and dramatically skip stones on a lake, because evidently I have some tough questions to answer and some real soul searching to do.

Kevin Marshall, I suggest you do the same.

@ "Save Pine Hills"
One, I just want it stated for the record that I wasn't passing judgment on Kristen so much as I was on Paris Hilton and the basic concept of "My new BFF."

Two, I'm no nerd. I'm actually really cool. INTIMIDATINGLY cool. I'm so cool that I can walk over to a jukebox and, just by hitting it with the bottom of my fist, make it turn on and play the song of my choice. Also, one time I jumped a shark - and didn't even take off my leather jacket! So who's a nerd now?

Three, I want you to write your own expose on the Gay-Media Mafia. In particular, please provide in detail the procedure that Gay-Media Mafia goons go through to become "made men."

Using your own logic against you regarding judging a person we don't know personally - why would you go on a show to compete with others to be the Best Friend of a person you don't know? She could be a violent sociopath!

And "no offense" doesn't work if you're saying it makes us "look stupid." That's like me saying to someone "you're a terrible person, no offense."

I got your back, dog! Word.

Okay Kaitlin, if you're that nerdy, finish these phrases...

That's not a moon...
The cake is...
All your base...
I made you a cookie...
I'm sorry, but the princess is...

And now I realize that one could simply use Google. Foiled again.

None of you beautiful people will ever EVER be able understand the "hurt and humiliation" the rest of us go through every day.

There are so many painful memories encoded in my DNA, I almost feel like the keyboard is wired to a socket when I write about them, like the time I finally got invited to a "cool kids" party in 9th grade and accidentally knocked over some jock's stacks of empty beer cans? They locked me in the trunk of their car and drove around all night!

And then in 10th grade I thought I'd try out for the wrestling team? Some bastard beat me up in the locker room and taped my buttocks together.

But that didn't hurt as much as the Jr. prom in 11th where I finally resolved to tell my best friend how much I loved her and how stunning she looked in her new pink dress but she ended up running off with this rich bastard just because his dad gave him a BMW for graduation.

You'd have thought I learned my lesson after that, but apparently I was stupid, as well as unattractive, because somehow I actually believed it in 12th grade when the rest of the class voted me for Prom King. Yeah right… I got up on stage with this weird chick that got voted Queen and the next thing I remember is waking up on the gym floor covered in blood from getting hit on the head with bucket!

You "beautiful people" have no f'ing clue what life is like.

@B... easy, I can do that:
That's not a moon... it's a limited edition golden D&G Motorola RAZR.
The cake is... so hot right now.
All your base... is like, mine, so get your hands off!
I made you a cookie... but it's so fattening I would never eat it.
I'm sorry, but the princess is... at another VIP club in L.A.

and what is Google? Do they sell sunglasses?


Kaitlin... i love u

Anyone talking trash should seriously shut up. Kaitlin is about to be a star and ur all just sitting here and talking about her, adding to her fame. She is the best one on that sow and probably the best thing to ever come out of upstate new york!

I think I love Kevin Marshall.
Can I be in the Gay Media Mafia now?


All of you people who r saying sh*t about kaitlyn need to stop. I have known her since we were in 9th grade and she is the nicest, most down to earth girl i have met. And for u people who say u don't want to look 10 when ur 30, then how come plastic surgeons make so much money from 30 yr old females, at least kaitlyn won't need that. Good luck kaitlyn, i'll be rooting for u.

+5 points for showing support.
-10 points for bad grammar.

Thanks for waking me up this morning with those entertaining and hilarious comments.
You guys and gals out-snarked the folks on Defamer/Gawker.
Well-done fellow Capital District-ites! Well done!

Wow....AOA is beginning to sound like the TU's Politics "comments" section....

All this and not one comment on her forehead. The restraint of AOA commenters is surprisingly staggering sometimes.

I love this thread. For once, people with a worse Engrish than me.
Merci, MySpace visitors.

That was hysterical. It made my morning. Thank you for approving those comments...they just added to the point being made. Fabulous.

As much as this thread amused me, I did start to wonder where all the hating was coming from. I hate bad grammar and bubbleheads as much as the next chica, but it's a wee bit unbecoming.

Pantaloons. You are funny. I love it.

Pantaloons, You are pretty funny actually.

Pantaloons, you are pretty, what's the word, um, I was thinking, funny? Maybe, no, ironical? Yes.

I had the privilege of going to college with this girl, If i hadnt known her i probably would have thought the same harsh things your all writing, but i got the chance to know her and she's really a nice girl, she never stirred trouble, and she can be a party animal. She isn't some airhead, the girl moved from the backwoods of new york to hollywood, on her own, auditioned for the show on whim, and it worked out, who wouldn't take that opportunity. People go out to hollywood and struggle for years. this girl got an in right off the bat, so cut her some slack. And if you watch the show, she's the only one that doesn't look like a cosmetic surgeons frankenstein project.

@BrandBlenders: I had no idea Saratoga Springs was considered the "backwoods of new york." I'd always considered it an enclave for the wealthy, horse-loving crowd (and a great place to spend some time on the weekends), but that's just me.

Kaitlin took part in a nationally-televised program, thereby making her fair game for public commentary. All apologies to friends and acquaintances of hers, but it's completely silly to think someone would go on a reality show (especially one featuring Paris "Pantaloons is right about her" Hilton) and think the world will shower her with praise. No matter who yu are or what show you're on, reality TV is the wrong way to go if you're looking for respect or credibility.

I missed the part where anyone was really being mean to Kaitlin until she decided to comment and call others "stupid." The comments before her were in regards to Paris Hilton who has been documented doing drugs, forgetting to wear underwear, having sex and drinking to the point of blackout...oh and then driving after drinking and going to jail for it. Her life has been well document...both the good and while we might not know her personally we've seen enough of her to form an opinion. When you put yourself on a show with that type of person and you're competing to be her best friend, you lend yourself to the same type of criticism that she gets. My grandfather used to say "lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas."

On another note, I'm still waiting for the explanation of this "gay media mafia." They sound exciting and I hope they have a Gay media mafia-Straight media lover alliance.

FUN FACT: I can only do dirty work behind the scenes for the gay media mafia, but I can never be a "made man" due to the fact that I'm heterosexual. Like Ray Liotta and Robert DeNiro in "Goodfellas."

I'm a reader of the gay media mafia - it's just fabulous! I read the Civil Union every morning with a cup of tea

WOW. im reading this because im actually a friend of kaitlin and im being supportive. All the rest of you seriously need to get a life and stop bashing a 23 year old girl who is just trying to live.

Kevin and Pantaloons get some friends and stop living in cyber world, maybe you'd be a jollier person.

anyone who made a negative comment about kaitlin should be embarrassed. kaitlin is easily one of the sweetest girls i have ever met. she had the guts to move across the entire country - something most of you wouldn't be able to do - and she's actually doing something with her life. so what if it's some mtv reality show starring the world's most undeserving airhead? it's a foot in the door and she did a really great job on the show. who knows what might be next for her..

all you haters need to start worrying about your own life.

@chachi: what is this new technology that you say could allow me to move across the entire country? I've heard of those Zeppelin things, but that just sounds like crazy talk. Do you think one could, in the future, even move across entire *continents*? How much extra guts would it take (in pounds, or kilograms)? How long do I need to keep my foot in the door by the way, I'm getting cramps. I'm really excited about this vision of tomorrow, so much that my hearing aid just exploded.

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