Conflicting stories about Troy girl's death, GloFo commits, trans-fat bakery exemption falls, Troy library auctioning art for cash, big pile of money at Albany NanoTech

Here's a digest of all the drama in the state Senate yesterday.

The Troy man arrested this past weekend for the death of his girlfriend's three-year-old daughter says the girl hit her head in the bath while he was watching a show about cheetahs on TV. But a coroner's report says the child died from internal injuries consistent with being hit in the abdomen. [Troy Record] [TU]

Global Foundries sent its Luther Forest chip fab commitment letter to state officials today -- that unlocks $650 million in state incentives. Crews are scheduled to start clearing the site for the fab on Monday. [Daily Gazette] [TU]

Police say a person was shot in the arm in north Troy last night -- the injury apparently wasn't life-threatening. [CBS6]

FBI director Robert Mueller yesterday defended his agency's use of mosque informants to investigate potential terrorists. Such an informant was used in the case against the two Albany men arrested -- and convicted -- for their role in a fictional plot to kill a Pakistani official. [AP] [TPM]

The proposed Albany County trans-fat ban exemption for bakeries failed in a vote of the county legislature last night. [TU]

Jerry Jennings apparently held a telephone town meeting last night. Among the topics discussed: litter. (If anyone has audio of this, we'd love to hear it.) [@Mrs_Misanthrope]

The Troy Library will be auctioning off four marble sculptures -- valued at as much as $80k each -- because it's so short of cash. [TU]

ALB got the go ahead to move the Latham checkerboard water tanks -- and buy a piece of the Engel farm -- in order to clear its landing approach. [TU]

Saratoga Springs has put a demolition moratorium on a wider group of historic properties in the town. The hold will at least temporarily halt the controversial demolition of the house at 23 Greenfield Ave. [Daily Gazette]

The Democratic Governors Association will hold one of its meetings in Saratoga at the end of July. Twenty-eight governors are in the group. [Saratogian]

Police say they picked up 32 Ballston Spa high school students for underage drinking at a party along the Hudson near Lake Luzerne on June 1. Yep, that was a school day. [CBS6] [Daily Gazette]

UAlbany reports that total funding -- private, state and federal -- at Albany NanoTech has now topped $5 billion. [Biz Review]


I'm frustrated that I can't find any information about the mayors telephone town hall meeting. It really took me off guard last night. You'd think he'd be bragging about it on his blog or would have encouraged the media to report on how "in touch" he is. See what you landline-less folks are missing?

And please, for once, spare me all the tired "orange" jokes. The man lives on the sun in the winter and lives under a space shuttle in the summer. He can't help it. Show a little respect for once.

Pantaloons, with each desperate attempt at internet fame (what I'm talking about here are your comments, they aren't funny and you're schtick is getting old) you help bring down the already sinking ship that is AOA.

Anyway, what's the deal with the airport needing to take down my favorite piece of architecture in the capital district? Does anyone know if they are trying to make a bigger runway so that bigger planes can come in, meaning more business as well? Is Albany making moves here?

@Save Pine Hills I hope you're kidding because if it's anything that is going to "bring down" AOA it's the negative crap you just posted. Why is necessary to demean a fellow commenter just because you don't like their "schtick"? Everyone has their own commenting style and that's what makes AOA a unique community of readers.

I just don't understand why people feel this is necessary. It does nothing to further the conversation on a post and just serves as an aggravation to those that enjoy reading the articles and the comments that go along with them. It is completely unnecessary to demean someone for their comments. Disagreeing with them is one thing. Taking a stab at their personality/style of commenting is another. Yes, you all have a right to your opinion but can't we keep it to the opinions that actually apply to the post?

@Emma: it's called trolling. It's older than the web.

To each their own, but I find Pantaloons funny and refreshing. I also was not aware that AOA is a "sinking ship" considering my interest in this site has not wavered since the day I discovered it.

Apparently trolling isn't for Norwegians anymore!

AOA is a sinking ship? Whoa, because I get that means each and every person I consider a friend is gonna drown.

@SavePineHills I can only assume you're kidding, both in your nasty and totally baseless comments towards Pantaloons and AOA, and about the water tower.

I'm defeating my own point a bit, but if your taste is so flawed that that's what you consider the best piece of architecture in the area, why would anyone take you seriously about anything else?

As for AOA, I'm honestly curious about your assertion that they're a "sinking ship." Their readership is fantastic, their content is unique and plentiful, and in this area of skeleton-crew media outlets, they're making a new media project work. That's about as far from a "sinking ship" as I can see.

Save Pine Hills, I love the whole "personally insult everyone and everything" strategy. It really makes people believe in what you're saying.

... the already sinking ship that is AOA

We'd like to think we're not taking on water. But we'd be happy (really) to have you tell us where the leaks are -- or, at the very least, point us toward the lifeboats.

In no way do I support obesity and heart disease, but still, what a dumb move by the Albany County Legislature -- putting local businesses at a further disadvantage, since the large supermarkets are apparently exempt from this law. I have no problem with the ban in general, but only if it is applied on a level playing field. If Price Chopper and Hanaford don't need to adhere to it, then all you've done is help close the few remaining long-time locally owned and operated businesses. Nice work, Legislature. Remind me to send you a nice non-trans-fat pie -- for your face.

P.S. I'd take (and read) Pantaloons and AOA every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Keep up the great work (and comments!).

@ Save Pine Hills - Pantaloons schtick is getting old? I don't get it. She's got her own fan club here at AOA, aka - the sinking ship. Maybe its time for you to take your ball and go home.

Correct me if I'm wrong but a blog is a place where opinions are shared, good or bad, whether you agree with what's been written or not. Pantaloons is a part of this blog so therefore its fair game in my eyes to let this person know they are getting annoying. I'm sorry if any "internet feelings" were hurt. Should i redirect everyone to their positive comments from the original post on Paris' best friend from Saratoga? How dare she be pretty, go on TV and do what she wants with her life! The audacity...

Now I will admit the "sinking ship" was a bit over the line but this place has started to feel like an exclusive club for fans of Hobo Banned and Crisan Bakery and anyone who goes against the grain is an idiot. I will continue to read this blog everyday but please, don't come after me over nonsense like this.

When did I ever make fun of anyone just for being pretty or going on tv? Criticize me all you want, but the least you could do is get my comments right before you blast them. Otherwise, you might as well just blame me for the economic downturn, World War 2, and oh what the heck, Carrot Top's career.

Has a new restaurant supply store opened in Albany or something? Because seriously, I've been seeing all these black pots and kettles in the comments here in the last few days. Creepy.

I'm going to retire the "Pantaloons" character. The whole point was to encourage people to have fun and not take themselves so seriously. Obviously I have failed.

I like pantaloons. And the commenter, too,


@Pantaloons: I think you are taking it too seriously by retiring it :)

If Pantaloons leaves, the terrorists win!

I thought that nasty personal attacks were not permitted. I have seen more than a few posted. They do not advance dialogue and suppress quality and creativity.

Yet I have had comments of my own that were less toxic and personal withheld.

Does AOA have guidelines for moderating comments? And if so, how are they applied?

I would miss you, Pantaloons. I find your comments witty, refreshing, and sometimes uniquely insightful.

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