lady christine large

That is a really big boat

lady christine

Yep, that's a helicopter on top.

James snapped this picture of the yacht Lady Christine Saturday morning. The boat was docked over night in Troy up river of the Green Island Bridge.

The Lady Christine is one of the world's largest yachts -- it's more than 182 feet long. As you would imagine, the inside is opulent.

The Monaco-based boat is also for sale, apparently. It went on the market for €45 million last year -- but you can have it now for the low low price of just €39.9 million (about $55 million). It seems the economic downturn has the super yacht market taking on water.

The Lady Christine's current owner is the infamous Irving Laidlaw -- a Scotsman who's been described as a "tax exile" in Monaco. The boat is named after his wife. Laidlaw made headlines in the UK last year when, as the Daily Mail describes it, he was "secretly filmed with four prostitutes and a male gigolo in the £6,000-a-night presidential suite of Monte Carlo's sumptuous Hermitage Hotel. He had paid £27,000 for the pleasure of their company."

So how did this boat end up in Troy? Good question. If you know, we'd love to hear it.

We've posted a wider crop of James' photo (bigger, too). As he said in an email to us: "The scale is very impressive. Nice helicopter, too."

Update: A whole bunch of good pictures from Michael, Bob and Sebastien.

(Thanks, James and Lissa!)


me and @almostfoodies wandered by this on a dog walk this morning - the fact that it has a small helicopter on it is just... wow. $55 million, though - i am sure there are other things (or two or three million) that i could by with that.

oh sorry that's mine, am I allowed to park there?

I'm pretty sure they're in town for the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby bout tonight at 7pm at the Frear Park Ice Arena. Yeah, prolly not ;)

An eccentric rich dude starved for attention? Most likely he's in town to orchestrate a Senate coup.

The larger picture looks like when the mama elephant has all her babies in tow...

Like this: (not my own pic... found online)

Hmm, here's another thing perhaps someone could explain:
Why not? And does that mean I can buy it as soon as it leaves the US? But I think it makes sense that it's in Troy. It's just heading up the river toward its home port (read the profile).

The Senate should pool their member items and buy it. I'll chip in for some gas to send them as far away from here as possible...

Here are few more pics I did of the Lady Christine which seemed to be the big story of the day in Troy, even with the River Festival in full swing.

I wonder about the naming story for the boat (ship?) as I have been looking it up as well and note that it has been named the Lady Christine since 2002 (at least) and unless it is perpetually for sale (there are other listings from 2004, and 2006 in addition to the 2008 and 2009 ones) it certainly appears to have changed hands many times since being christened.

The story I heard quayside was the Lady was in town awaiting the arrival of the owner and a contingent of guests who planned to have a leisurely cruise down the Hudson. Earlier reports have placed the boat up the Delaware River as well, so apparently they like to explore.

@HiejOmo: Various sales/use taxes would apply if sold in United States waters.

Nice pic Bob.

As many other people, I took some shots of the Lady Christine as well (yes, a tad HDR):

I also took some shots of the chalk drawing at River Fest, if you don't mind horrible framing :)

And spotted that nice shot of the Lady Christine by Michael Henry:

The Espada dowry provided by (insert name of dysunctional party here)

That boat has been docked regularly outside of Brown's brewing company each summer for at least the past 5 years. I remember working at the Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market in 2004 and seeing that boat as the backdrop to our wonderful market....he never bought anything though.....

it's docked while he's circling around Stuyvesant Plaza in NANOGEEK's Ferrari (w/NANOGEEK, of course) cruising chicks...

i was in troy this afternoon and that behemoth is still there. move along, sonny.....

And here I figured he was just waiting for Pantaloons to stop by for her visit and approval.

BTW if you head over to:
you will find more photos (including ours now). The geeky part is that one of the designer of the Lady Christine, nicknamed Angelus here, is interacting and providing some technical hints behind a few the boat components. One can tell he really loved this ship.

Thanks for the link to my pics! There are a few local photogs that got some great shots.

Angelus had a hand in building this ship from what I gather. I also received an email from Oceanco, the company that built this beauty, asking to use my shot in their promotional materials. What an honor!

Very neat to know all this, and see so many nice shots.

I was on River St and noticed it this weekend too... and then a guy in a truck came by driving the wrong way. He was getting a cell phone pic of the boat while driving slowly and seemed pretty oblivious to the traffic... kind of nerve wracking!

@Michael - Wow, you made Troy looks like a Industrial-Caribean oasis!

I wonder if he thinks that Troy is the new Brooklyn and that the Green Island Bridge is the new Brooklyn Bridge or Williamsburg Bridge?

Does anyone know if this boat has left yet? Would like to take a second look---magnific!!

I've seen on yachtforums that it was gone.

I was in Newport, RI yesterday (July 4th, 2009) for a wedding a saw the Lady Christine. It is HUGE...and not to mention that it had a helicopter on top of it! Must be nice to have that much money!!

Was also in Newport, RI this weekend and took in this magnificent yacht. It was still there when I left yesterday morning (7/6/09).

Today is July 10, 2009 and Lady Christine is still in Newport RI

The yacht is now anchored in Bristol, RI harbor. Don't know for how long. 07/13/09.

Saw the LC docked at Rowe's Wharf in Boston today. The tail number on the chopper is just wonderful: M-BOAT. What a beauty, it made the nearby Iriquois look like a dinghy.

Sunday, July 26th and this beast is docked in Bangor, ME. Go figure??

Still in Bangor on the 27th.

Just had the pleasure of seeing LC in Bangor, Maine with my 11 year old son. What an amazing sight to see. Is there any conection between the original owners and Grace Kelly??? Had heard that but didn't know if was true, We had fun dreaming of what it would be like to go on. Its always good to have BIG dreams!!!

News this am says that the helicopter crashed off the coast of Deer Isle, Maine!

this boat was in kusadasi marina turkey 6th october 2010 turkey ,, absolutely amazing ,, it was on some sort of sea trials

Saw this beautiful beast in a cove in the Gulf of Fethiye near Göcek, Turkey. Quite a contrast with the 2 small gülets my tour group was on.

I have seen this yacht in the old port of Nice last week she looked great If i had the money id buy it or if you need a cook and a pa then get in touch

Just confirming Neil - April 17, 2011's observation. I returned home from Nice yesterday and our appartment was actually in the port. It is indeed moored in the Port of Nice, but it is alongside a bigger version of itself. One of our party asked a young lad who had just boarded the larger boat and he said it is the owners new one and the smaller one the old. If you thought the smaller one was impressive, you need to see the new one. Absolutely awesome!!!

He is in Ketchikan right now

This beautiful yacht is sitting here in Ketchikan, Alaska on Saturday June, 29, 2013 not seen in the above photos is a helicopter sitting on the top upper back deck..I am not usually impressed with such things but I have to say.. this is a pretty cool yacht!

I find it interesting to see where this yacht has been, and where it will end up next. As of today, August 6th 2013, it is in San Diego, California. Where next?

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