Zombies! Take next right.

zombies ahead

And here we had been complaining about potholes.

Jen snapped those pics Saturday morning while driving down North Main in Albany.

We can only hope that she was able to detour over to Manning and avoid the undead traffic.

If hordes of brain-eating zombies weren't ahead, perhaps the sign was inspired by a similar prank in Austin.

Earlier on AOA: Zombie Police of Schenectady

(Thanks, Jen!)


Fabulous! I'm re-posting this. Everyone hearts zombies.

What's wrong with having zombies in our neighborhood? You see any vampires or werewolves in Pine Hills? No? Then the zombies are doing their job keeping them out!

Classic. Might also be part of the preparation for the Albany Zombie Walk 2009 (if that ever happens). The Saratoga Zombie Walk in 2007 was good fun (I linked to those already).

The zombies had originally descended on the capitol in search of brains. Finding none, they then headed west...


You're welcome.

All America City, indeed.

I wonder if this means we're going to get a free concert in Washington Park, as they perform their hits "Time of the Season," "Tell Her No" and "She's Not There."

LMAO! Well done!

I'd just like to take a moments and state clearly that as a candidate for 11th Ward of Common Council of the City of Albany I would take a very strong stance against zombies.

We need to take the threat very seriously; in that vein I propose we turn the Washington Armory back in to a real Armory stocked with the best zombie killing guns: Shotguns. We also need training exercises and maybe a siren or two.

My extensive experience in "Zombie Preparedness Simulators" such as Left4Dead, Fallout 3 and Resident Evil have taught me many skills that will no doubt prove to be invaluable on the Common Council. Skills like reloading a shotgun while backing up, knowing that mixing a red herb with a green herb makes a better healing potion and to never disturb the witch!

Thank you for your time, and remember: a Vote for Luke is a Vote Against Having Your Brains Eaten by Zombies!

This field guide I have that is titled Surviving the Zombie apocalypse indicates that apartment buildings are easy to defend against zombies. Since we all know zombies can't climb the wreckage if you blow the stairs out. Now I have to wonder if H1N1 is somehow related to the virus that zombifies a person.

...Too bad I live in a basement apartment.

@Luke: can you suggest a gun with less reload time and smaller kickback (my upper body strength is not so good). My husband suggested a .50 caliber pistol, but the accuracy of a pistol doesn't come anywhere near that of a rifle, and in the interest of saving ammo, I would choose accuracy. A semi-automatic .22 rifle is easy to use, but doesn't pack much of a whollop. My hubby has a .308 rifle, but between the pump action reload and kickback, it's not so "me" friendly.

All joking aside, as a result of watching too many movies, I HAVE thought about what to do during a zombie apocalypse. I think the plaza concourse would be great. It's underground, easy to barricade (and if there is a breach, there are plenty of alternative exits), and there are food and restrooms. The zombies would never know we were there! They could wander around the plaza hearing nothing, completely unaware that there are who knows how many tasty humans right below them. It would be a good place to wait it out until the Army comes with the napalm (plus, it's in short running distance from my house). Afterward, commandeering an abandoned farm in New Scotland somewhere and growing crops would be a good idea.
A fun discussion to be had, if there is nothing else to do...

Party balance is the key to surviving a zombie attack. As a 3rd Level Cleric, I can bring 2d6 worth of Turning Undead to the 11th Ward platform, as well as an unlimited number of Purify Wounds.*

If you need to reach me, fight your way up through the booby-trapped stairwells of the State Street towers. I'll be on the roof, carving Elder Signs out of soapstone.

Additionally, @Ellie: you're on the right track. H1N1 is W.H.O. propaganda. Do not take the "mandatory" inoculations. And for Hastur's sake, stay in that basement! They have a surprisingly good track record as defensible positions. (Assuming no ghoul-related sewer outbreaks.)

*Purify Wounds only effective against Solanum infection if applied within 2d10 rounds of being bitten. After that "amputation and isolation" for 2d4 days is the only recourse.

@summer: "as a result of watching too many movies, I HAVE thought about what to do during a zombie apocalypse. I think the plaza concourse would be great. It's underground, easy to barricade".
Then you need to watch the classic "Day of the Dead" (Romero, 1985) again. That underground bunker didn't work so well :)

@S, I know, I thought of that. But I feel that we would be successful. Call it a hunch. ;)

@Sandor, @Summer,

Are you sure the zombies are not coming out of the Wadsworth Labs @ ESP? Or perhaps they are coming out of the Man Cave...

Something tells me there are legions of them buried at the State Office Campus as well.

@komradebob: Hmmm...you bring up a point I hadn't previously considered. What if the zombies actually came from the concourse? Well....in that case perhaps the upper floors of the corning tower? Lock the elevators at the top and hang out til the Army comes with the napalm?

If I remember correctly, Brooks' "Zombie Survival Guide" suggested having your hold-out above ground (with a staircase that can easily be axed if necessary), but low enough that you can jump out the window if need be-- like the second or third story.

The book also recommended not growing a mullet. But for safety reasons, rather than respect.

Well then I will lure them into the capitol, where perhaps THEY will pass some damned legislation.

Luke, while I cannot vote for you I am glad to see you are addressing the issue of Zombie attacks. Time and time again it amazes me that the vast majority of people are unprepared for an attack. I live in the 10th ward between two hospitals and a psychiatric center (prime locations for gound zero of an outbreak) Surely zombies should be a campaign issue for Golby and Scalzo, but no mention as of yet. My advice to the Common Council? Draft a resolution that the city will provide safe exodus for it's citizens via water craft in the event of an outbreak. Unless of course if zombies can swim or fly. Then we are #@%@ed. :)

As the link that Cato provided proves, any real hacker knows that the only real security is physical security.

@Summer: If your having trouble with kick-back and accuracy I would suggest an assault rifle: not as much kick-back as a shotgun and lots of bullets so accuracy wouldn't be much of an issue. Otherwise I'd suggest dual-wielding pistols.

But if we're kicking it like the Reverend Sandor is, I'd have to bust out my frost-spec'ed lvl 65 Mage when confronted with a horde of zombies. Toss a few Frostbolts, drop a Frost Nova when they get close, Blink to safety, and finish off the horde with a Blizzard. And in terms of party balance, every group needs a healer, personally though I'm more of a DPS guy... But that's nothing I can talk about anymore- I quit WoW when I started running for real this Spring.

In all seriousness, my issues in the Ward 11 race are all very practical and grounded in the goal of creating a city that people want to move to, not move out of. I believe my background in urban planning provides the perspective necessary to make that happen.

I'm also looking forward to participating on the most democratic governing body in the city (the common council): with more community oriented Councilors (myself, Leah Golby in the 10th, and Veronica Horne in the 5th especially) the City could be a very different place.

Not to mention the Mayoral race; I think we all know the only candidate left that will provide a clear and insightful change in direction (I'm talking about Corey Ellis for any Marlon fans out there).

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