Washington Park's protector

Washington Park power ranger

Wildlife in the park.

Sebastien spotted this guy in Washington Park on Sunday.

He emails: "We have no clue what he was doing in Washington Park. Protecting squirrels maybe."

photo: Sebastien B


Maybe this guy could help him out!

From Me

Maybe this guy could help him out!


(don't know if the other pic worked)

Nice to know the Guardian Angels are still in Washington Park, even if they are packing swords these days...

I met that dude on World of Warcraft. He was my ride to comic-con, but the emblem I made out of tin foil kept falling off of my home made Star Trek unitard, so I had to bail on him. I felt bad about it, but I couldn't risk not looking authentic. I mean, nobody wants to get caught looking like a fool.

Oddly enough i think thats LARPING -Live ACtion Role Playing.

@Kari: huh....

@Spicy: I don't think he was really larping, since there were no other participants in sight, though he definitely stayed in character. His lady friend wasn't in costume. Hmm, but now that you mention it, this was right before the High School Musical show at the Playhouse; maybe he was part of the same display... maybe he wanted to protect Zac. I need to watch the DVD. Again.

Last year, a DC technology company put advertisements on the train with one of their employees doing ninja things alone in the woods. The caption on it read "This is what Jeremiah does in his spare time. Imagine what he does at work!"

I'm a bit unclear on the correllation between ninjas and software engineers, but I think it's safe to assume that when the Red Power Ranger isn't protecting squirrels, he's likely using SAS to create a multivariate statistical analysis of the ways he can kill you.


I saw some dudes sword fighting in the park a week or so ago, wearing robes and crowns and stuff; straight out of Role Models. But hey- I do not judge.

I don't care if he's larping or not - but if he starts fighting Godzilla, I don't want that big fungus-toed lizard stomping on the Lakehouse or leaving 40-foot-long tail prints all over the upper meadow.

or..."where single women are running screaming in the opposite direction"...

Yeah, but where's his Mega-zord?

Do not look at the first link, it are busted. The 2nd post has the correct picture link. I figured the blue power ranger & the red power ranger would play good together. :)

I was a bit disturbed that no one else turned out to drill with me.

C'mon people... The Washington Park Zombie Defense Initiative won't go anywhere if we don't practice our combos. 

Next week be prepared to work through  the 1st Basic Form:
Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha - THRUST!

Justin - I think you can find his Mega-Zord down by the Plaza in the man-cave. It's probably hanging out with the other fantasy warriors - Naruto, Yuyu Hashuko, and Sheldon Silver.

Oh man... I missed sparring practice again. I am totally going to have to turn in my white power rangers suit...

The real public servant would be a slayer of squirrels. This may sound bitter, but those little vandals need to be taken down a notch.

Is that Marlon Anderson dressed 'to kill' in his typical red attire?

@daleyplanit: haha, that is a good catch.

Mighty morphin power ranger! The reunion!

holy heck, that link -S posted......hilarity.


Looks like he ate the rest of the Power Rangers.

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