What evil lurks in the heart of Clifton Park?

clifton park evil poll


Check out this poll that appeared on CliftonPark.org last Friday. Alas, it doesn't specify the type of evil. Maybe they're worried about zombies.

@techcommdood pointed out the poll. As he tweeted: "My town (Clifton Park NY) wants to know what my family & I would do if confronted by evil (creepy question). I'd make evilade."

Anyway, there's a new poll up now. We captured a screenshot from Friday.


Wow... I believe whoever designed that web site of theirs may be a little bit evil.

How do I fight evil? Simple. I combine my powers with the elemental powers of four others to summon Captain Planet.

PS I'm fire.

I had the misfortune of working in CP for 6 or 7 years, and that place is just CREEPY! Glad to be out.

This poll is missing a button -- there should be an option for "Sign up as an evil minion." Listen, when evil comes a-knockin', you don't want to be a late adopter. Sycophants sign up early.

Man, I always thought of the Zombie Walk as more of a fun thing... thank goodness it's looking like it'll be in Albany this year:

With the help of WAMC/The Linda in Albany we now have a tentative date for the 2009 Zombie Walk

Drum roll please!

October 24th 2009!!!!

This is going to be an event beyond your average Zombie Walk. If all goes as planned it will be a whole Zombie weekend for Albany with the main walk being on Saturday the 24th. That day will be part of the Zombie Film Fest at The Linda and hopefully end with a full out Zombie Prom with LIVE music.

As soon as we have confirmation I will let everyone know.

Thanks for all of your support!!!

Are they talking about the intersection of routes 9 & 146?

That's just bizarre. Who thinks that sort of question is appropriate for a "community survey". Especially in an upscale suburb where there's little enough crime that they don't even have their own police department? It's really time to start asking yourself exactly who benefits from trying to scare people all the time?

No "Call the Slayer"? option?

I did find it amusing that this post was right next to a Hellions of Troy advert.

What would you do if you and your family happened to confronted by the Hellions of Troy while in Clifton Park?

Someone's gonna end up in front of the president's Death Panel if they're not careful, by golly!

@Albany Jane: so it's going to be a Frozen Zombie Walk?

I can't help but have the feeling that Republicans were behind the wording of that poll...

Clifton Park evil? creepy? NEVER. What a wholesome and loving place!

-S: Good point. I imagine it would probably help with the decay, though.

it's really a poll designed to weed out those who don't *belong* in Clifton Park ('tho how anyone would end up there by accident I don't know). Fill in #1 and you're someone who clearly depends on those Demmycrats for help and will milk the social services system while you git rich havin' babies and laughing at all the hardworking shmucks going to work listening to Limbaugh. Fill in #2 and you might be acceptable as a god fearing sort, Fill in #3 and ding ding ding! You'll fit right in with all the other gun toting Clifton Parkians who will do whatever is needed to protect family and home. WITHOUT looking for that meddling goverment for help. that's right-Clifton Park WANTS YOU, American Patriot... (but I could be generalizing a tad...)

I asked Albany John if AJ was involved with planning said Zombie walk. Apparently AJ considers herself all of albany.

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Clifton Park? The Shadow knows...

I'd chase it down with my Honda Odyssey while blaring the latest hits from Kidz Bop to shield my offspring from any unpleasant noises that may occur.

Is that an official town website?

The website is copyrighted to a company called ICOM: http://www.icomtechservices.com/

The URL is a .org, rather than the standard .gov.

But the site _looks_ official. Wonder if the town of Clifton Park hired ICOM to create this website? (It's pretty embarrassing for the town.)

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